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New WordPress Plugin: Simple Login Notification

New WordPress plugin! Simple Login Notification does one thing and does it well: sends an email alert whenever an admin-level user logs in to your site. I use this plugin on all of my sites to keep an eye on any unauthorized activity. Not that I’m expecting any, but if it does happen I definitely want to know about it. The plugin size is only 4 KB (zipped) with virtually zero impact on performance or anything else. Win win win, as they say.


Activate this plugin to send an email when any admin-level user logs in to your site. This is useful for keeping an eye on any unauthorized administrator logins. Each email alert includes the user name, IP address, user agent, and other details. Just in case you need to do some forensic investigation.


Main features of Simple Login Notification:

  • Provides detailed information about each admin login.
  • Lightweight – built with only a few lines of code.
  • Simple to use – activate and done, just works.
  • No permanent changes are made to anything.
  • No settings or anything to worry about.
  • Easy peasy mac and cheesy.

Email Notifications

Here is an example of the email notification subject and message:

Subject: Admin Login @ Example Website

Message: Admin user logged in at Example Website on September 8th 2022, 09:29pm

REQUEST URI: /wp-login.php
QUERY: undefined
REFERRER: /wp-login.php?loggedout=true&wp_lang=en_US
USER AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (Example Browser)
IP CLIENT: undefined
IP FORWARD: undefined
HOST CLIENT: undefined
HOST FORWARD: undefined

Visit site:

This email alert is sent via the WordPress plugin, Simple Login Notification.

Lots of details to help with any necessary forensic investigation. Note that the information included in the email notifications is not stored in the WordPress database; it is used only once when included in the email message.

Learn more & Download

Visit Simple Login Notification at the WordPress Plugin Directory to learn more and download the latest version. Like all plugins hosted at, Simple Login Notification is 100% free and open source (via GNU Public License).

Jeff Starr
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Jeff Starr = Creative thinker. Passionate about free and open Web.
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2 responses to “New WordPress Plugin: Simple Login Notification”

  1. hi Jeff!

    i wonder if you might consider making this compatible with ClassicPress (a.k.a. WP 4.9)

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