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This is where I put everything that is related to the operation of the Perishable Press website. The name “Dungeon” started as a joke back in 2005 (based on the old Black Tiger video game), and just kinda stuck around, mostly because I am too lazy to change it to something else. Here you will find everything from software and plugins used to official site policy and statistics. Plus a whole lot of other stuff, like where I’ve been published, online friends, guest posts, validation links and more. So lurk around a bit and learn a discover some of the inner workings of Perishable Press..

Tools of the trade

Perishable Press would not be possible without the excellent resources, information and tools graciously provided by the incredible open-source community.

Apache is the most popular HTTP server on the Internet
PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language
MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database
jQuery is a highly efficient and powerful JavaScript library
WordPress is the world’s leading publishing platform
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox is an extendable open-source browser
Google Chrome
Chrome is an extendable open-source browser


Guest Posts!

Awesome people

Current sites & projects

Perishable Press
WordPress, web design, code & tutorials. And everything in between.
100% free & open-source WordPress starter theme template.
Plugin Planet
Premium WordPress Plugins.
The Tao of WordPress
Complete guide for users, admins, students, designers, and everyone.
WordPress Themes In Depth
Dive deep into WordPress theme development with over 450 pages of practical theme-building techniques, tricks, and tips.
Digging into WordPress
Co-author Chris Coyier and I help you get the most out of WordPress.
.htaccess made easy
Improve the performance and security of your site with Apache’s .htaccess.
WP-Mix is a flow of high-quality code snippets for designers & developers.
Monzilla Media
Established in 2007, Monzilla Media is all about high-quality design.
xyCSS is a CSS template for responsive liquid matrix design.
CSSresetr lets you experiment with CSS resets on live web pages.
A place for collected images, random photos, and lots of random nonsense.

Site statistics

Perishable Press has been online since September(ish) 2005. Since that time, the site has grown tremendously. Here is a current summary of some of the site’s vital statistics (generated by the BlogStats PCC plugin for WordPress).

  • 16 pages
  • 813 posts
  • 9 post authors
  • 19 categories
  • 4742 commentators
  • 345409 total downloads (includes all themes, plugins, scripts, etc.)

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Contributing authors

These are the people that help make Perishable Press possible by delivering fresh, home-cooked tutorials, articles, news, and other information.

WordPress plugins used

These freely available WordPress plugins bring much-needed functionality, useful features, and subtle enhancements to the growing number of user-selectable themes currently available at Perishable Press.

This design was coded by hand in a text editor, but that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t validate. Let’s see how the home page measures up..

Official Site Policy

All content presented via Perishable Press enjoys perpetual copyright via its respective authors, unless specifically indicated otherwise. No portion of this website may be used for any purpose without explicit, written permission. Further, all comments presented via this website reflect the personal opinions of individuals. No guarantee concerning the validity, provenance, or any other aspect of such comments is implied or explicitly stated. Finally, Perishable Press is in no way responsible for any externally linked content. Surf at your own risk.

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