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New WordPress Plugin: SAC Pro!

Simple Ajax Chat Pro I’ve been developing WordPress chat plugins for over 10 years, and have received tons of great user feedback for the free version of Simple Ajax Chat (SAC). So many ideas and ways to improve the plugin that it just made sense to bring it all together and build a new “pro” version. So after several months of intense plugin development, I am excited to launch my latest WordPress plugin, SAC Pro. SAC Pro is completely rewritten from the ground up, focused on performance and security with a solid flexible codebase that’s tightly integrated with WordPress core.

Favorite Features

There is much to love about SAC Pro (in my biased opinion lol). Here are my absolute top favorite features:

  • Unlimited number of chat rooms (free version provides only one)
  • Each chat room can be customized with its own unique features
  • Fully self-hosted: No 3rd-party account required!
  • Invisible Google reCaptcha for every chat message
  • Complete chat management tools via plugin settings
  • Ajax chat written in vanilla JavaScript (no jQuery required)
  • Mute and ban users from any chat room
  • Enable private chats

For me, the “fully self-hosted” is a biggie. Most if not all of the other chat plugins require an account with a 3rd-party “chat” service. That’s fine if you trust the 3rd party, but in my experience it’s better to “cut out the middle man” and just host things yourself. Why pay needless fees and risk privacy invasion, when instead you can just “own your chats” and keep things simple.


Here are some screenshots showing various SAC Pro features. Click images for full-size view (opens new tab or window).

Screenshot of chat boxSAC Pro chat box. WordPress theme: Twenty Sixteen. SAC theme: Hero.
Screenshot of chat boxSAC Pro chat box. WordPress theme: Twenty Twenty-One. SAC theme: Classic.
Screenshot of manage-chats screenThe “Manage” screen. Edit, delete chats, export CSV, ban users, and more.

Learn more..

I’ve been writing articles and tutorials about SAC Pro all month! So rather than repeat everything, here are some already-written posts where you can learn more about SAC Pro:

Questions about SAC Pro? Send ’em via the contact form at Plugin Planet.

SAC Pro = lean, mean chat machine.

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    From someone who appreciates fast, well developed plugins, and that stick to the WordPress UI, thank you!

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