WordPress Plugin: GA Google Analytics

[ WordPress Plugin: GA Google Analytics ] Update (2012/11/17): the original “Google Analytics Plugin” has been renamed to “GA Google Analytics” to find a home in the WordPress Plugin Directory.</update>

I’ve joked that there a million different Google Analytics WordPress plugins available, but I’ve never been able to find one that’s just dead-simple, plug-n-play, and with clean code and markup, so I wrote my own that does just that: a no-frills way to add the new asynchronous tracking code to all pages on your WordPress-powered site.


Install the plugin as usual. Then visit the “Google Analytics” options page to enter your GA ID and done. The Google Analytics plugin works silently behind the scenes to add the required GA code to asynchronously track your site’s activity.


[ Google Analytics Plugin ]

[ Google Analytics Plugin ]

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Download GA Google Analytics from the WP Plugin Directory:

WP Plugin: GA Google Analytics

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