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Giving Away More Books!

A few days ago, I launched a Thanksgiving-themed book giveaway for Digging Into WordPress. The post has received some great comments that reminded me of how absolutely awesome people can be. So to chase the feeling and keep the momentum going, I’m giving away more books to 9 lucky winners.

Here are the books that are up for grabs:

Details: Valid email address required to win. Printed book includes shipping. Randomly chosen winners will be announced in December.

To participate: leave a comment letting people know what you do for a living (or plan on doing or already did or whatever). It would be great to hear what people are up to these days. Also in your comment, please mention which book you would like to win :)

Have fun and good luck!

Update! The contest now is over, thank you to all who participated. You can see who won in the announcement post »

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48 responses to “Giving Away More Books!”

  1. I build websites, mostly on WordPress, for a small design company.

  2. Spencer Barfuss 2014/12/01 7:42 pm

    I’m an elementary PE teacher, who dabbles in CSS and WordPress on the side. Love your site! If I won, I’d love to receive the Tao of WordPress.

  3. A web something trying to do something with the web.
    WordPress Themes In Depth would be great!

  4. Jed Henson 2014/12/02 8:32 am

    When I’m not fulfilling my stay-at-home dad duties, I build and run WordPress sites. Would love the htaccess book! I’ve learned a lot already through your blacklist posts, etc.

  5. Recently retired after 35 years, wanting to learn WordPress to help with my husband’s WordPress web site. Either Tao or Themes would be great!

  6. Arnold Wotherspoon 2014/12/03 12:28 am

    Building websites and looking at getting more out of WordPress.
    WordPress Themes In Depth sounds like just the thing.

  7. Trying to rise from the ashes and relaunch my freelance career after a very, very rough patch. I used to be a designer and front-end developer, and I have a medium knowledge of WordPress – I’d like to take things one step further, and ‘WordPress Themes in Depth’ sounds like it could be a great help :)

  8. Hi,
    I am new to wordpress development and would love to learn more!
    Any of these books would help me to build a new career.

  9. learn, love it and share.Planning to blog journal all of those.

    I want to learn more about .htaccess .

  10. Try to be Internet Marketer but still can’t sell anything!!! Try harder for now and for the future. WordPress Themes In Depth would be great help.

  11. Charlotte Henley Babb 2014/12/05 6:37 am

    Getting deeper into wordpress now that my college uses it. A book would help a lot!

  12. I am a System Architect by day, and amateur wordpress developer by night. Maybe one day I will become just a WordPress Developer.. who knows :)

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