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Digging Into WordPress Version 3.0

It’s here! Digging Into WordPress Version 3.0 is packed with goodness, including a new chapter on WordPress v3.0, updated core content, added resources, and a super-sleek new cover.

[ Digging Into WordPress V3 ]
DiW3 cover by Chris Coyier

Updated Core Material

Much has changed with WordPress since our previous book update (v2), so for version 3.0 we went through the book and updated/removed outdated core content. Everything is now hot-wired and fine-tuned to the latest version of WordPress, with new popouts and fresh links throughout the book. Here’s a shot from one of the updated core pages (a flow-chart for page templates – more graphic wizardry from Chris!):

[ Digging Into WordPress Screenshot ]

New Chapter on WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is better than ever. Released on June 17th 2010, WP3.0 features tons of new functionality and CMS capabilities. So much good stuff, that we added an entire chapter covering all the best new WP3.0 features:

  • New default theme
  • Custom Admin usernames
  • How to customize your background
  • How to setup and use WP MultiSite
  • Custom taxonomies, menus, and post types

Plus other great stuff like how to use the built-in shortlink feature, author templates, comment-form template-tags, and more. It’s 20+ pages of new WP3.0 content.

[ Digging Into WordPress Screenshot ][ Digging Into WordPress Screenshot ]

Included with Purchase

Here’s what you get for your hard-earned $27:

  • Beautiful, full-color, easy-to-read design
  • Nearly 450 pages of practical, how-to WordPress content
  • 3 Free Themes: All Ajax, Lines & Boxes, and Plastique
  • Free Lifetime Updates (current book owners received version 3.0 yesterday)
  • Friendly, helpful customer support :)

[ Get the book ] Like WordPress itself, Digging Into WordPress gets better with each new version. And the nice thing about PDF format is that you can read the book anywhere, even on eReaders like the iPad. Plus you get useful stuff like actual, clickable hyperlinks and linked Table of Contents. Also, the PDF format makes it easy to copy/paste code and other content, so you have everything all in one place. You can learn more and get the book here.

Printed Copies

[ Print Edition ] We were sort of on the fence about printing more copies of the book, but after some great feedback, everything fell into place. Our current goal is to make printed copies of v3.0 available sometime in September/October. The printed books tend to go fast, so if you want a copy stay tuned for the announcement post and more information. Update: Printed books are here!

Updated Sample PDF

[ PDF Download ] Here is an updated Sample Chapter showing the new Table of Contents and part of Chapter 3. For more information on Digging into WordPress, check out the Official DiW Bookstore at DigWP.com, the free companion site for the book, featuring tons of awesome WordPress tips, tricks, and tutorials. As always, comments, suggestions, and concerns are welcome.

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16 responses to “Digging Into WordPress Version 3.0”

  1. Elliott the web design guy 2010/09/01 6:23 am

    Awesome, I missed my lifetime upgrade, just checked my email and bingo – there it is, thanks guys!

  2. custom admin/dashboard theme will make it more fantastic

  3. Jeff Starr 2010/09/01 1:51 pm

    Yes, if anyone reading this missed the update link, first check your spam folders and if it’s not there shoot us an email here:



  4. please,i need a thorough guide on how to design my wordpress.and how i can pull traffick to my site.can you help,pls?

  5. RCPhysics 2010/09/15 7:21 pm

    If we buy the ebook, do we get any kind of discount on buying the hard copy when it comes out later on?

  6. Kiper IT-konsult 2010/09/20 9:47 am

    Great work!

    Really tempted to buy this one. Checking out the sample pdf right now and it looks sweet! Would love to have the paperback as well. So, answer the question: – Will we get a discount on the paperback if we buy the pdf now? ;)

  7. Kiper IT-konsult 2010/09/20 10:13 am

    Wow, that was quick!

    Will the price be the same as for the last print? And do you have any idea of shipment cost to Sweden??? :)

    Thanks Jeff, you’re really a great source of knowledge and inspiration. I’d love to support you by buying the book!

  8. Jeff Starr 2010/09/20 9:55 am

    Sorry but we can’t discount the price of the printed book. We’re including the PDF with the printed book as a bonus, because printing costs are so high. If you’re planning on getting both PDF and print copies, waiting a bit longer will get you a better deal.

  9. We are still waiting for the final numbers from the printer, but it looks like it will be around same price, possibly a few dollars more. Not sure yet at this point if we’re doing any international shipping – will post at DigWP.com as soon as we get the specifics.

  10. Kiper IT-konsult 2010/09/20 11:42 pm

    Ok, fingers crossed for international shipping. This is almost the only WordPress book that I really would love to have in my IRL bookshelf!

  11. Still waiting on the link for the updated version of this book. I email about a week or so ago but have not heard back, I also checked my spam folder, nada. Hoping you can help me out here Jeff. Thanks,

  12. Jeff Starr 2010/09/23 8:54 am

    @Aaron: It looks like we sent a new link on 9/21 and then another on 9/22.. Let me know if you got the book OK or if you still need help with this.

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