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Giving Away More Books!

A few days ago, I launched a Thanksgiving-themed book giveaway for Digging Into WordPress. The post has received some great comments that reminded me of how absolutely awesome people can be. So to chase the feeling and keep the momentum going, I’m giving away more books to 9 lucky winners.

Here are the books that are up for grabs:

Details: Valid email address required to win. Printed book includes shipping. Randomly chosen winners will be announced in December.

To participate: leave a comment letting people know what you do for a living (or plan on doing or already did or whatever). It would be great to hear what people are up to these days. Also in your comment, please mention which book you would like to win :)

Have fun and good luck!

Update! The contest now is over, thank you to all who participated. You can see who won in the announcement post »

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48 responses to “Giving Away More Books!”

  1. Hello, I’m Carla, I’m a web design student from Brazil (please forgive me for any grammar mistakes! :)

    I’ve purchased The Tao of WordPress some time ago, actually it was the first WP book that I’ve bought, and I absolutely love it! It was easy to read and full of awesome & important tips. I’m really willing to dig even deeper into WordPress as my dream is to make a living creating awesome and useful themes. That’s why I’d love to win the WordPress Themes in Depth, as I trust the author and I know the quality will be same as the other book I’ve got.
    Cheers :)

  2. Gustavo Malamud 2014/11/28 1:31 pm

    I work for a south american ad network called RedMas, where I work as designer/ programmer. I’m also the editor/ creator behind BackFour Argentina, a website all about minor league soccer in Argentina. I’ve been meaning to create a theme that includes stats, related posts and objects around the articles.
    That’s why I’d like to ask for the WP Themes in Depth book. Thanks!

  3. Christian Zumbrunnen 2014/11/28 3:14 pm

    Great books! Having it in print would be great!

  4. Bodie Quirk 2014/11/28 4:32 pm

    I am a fairly new web designer from Orange, CA looking to learn all I can about WordPress and launch my business on it. I already own Tao and Digging into WP, and they have been indescribably helpful in helping me grow. I really want to get my hands on a copy of word press themes in depth, because I know it will be indispensable for learning and for my business.

    Thanks for all the great content you put out!! I am super dosed and fired up to learn and create awesome stuff with WordPress in 2015.

  5. Hi. I am a web designer in a rural area of California. I mainly help small businesses in the area with their websites and various online activities.

    I would really be interested in .htaccess made easy, as I have started using .htaccess more frequently latley. It would be interesting to learn some more tricks!

  6. Margie Osgood 2014/11/28 8:16 pm

    I have just graduated with my first college degree in Communication Design and am now learning WordPress for my Web Design Certificate. I am really into learning all I can about it, so winning any of these books would be a BIG plus for me! Thanks for the chance to do so!

  7. Hi, I’m Thierry from Switzerland. In my small agency called zweidesign, we make websites for clients. WordPress is my cms of choice. But you can alwaysl learn additional stuff so I would love to win your book “WordPress Themes in depth”. THX!

  8. Attempting to make it as a full-time blogger/publisher… ;)

  9. …oops, forgot the book name: Tao of WordPress please. :)

  10. Shea Bunge 2014/11/29 3:23 am

    I’m currently a high school student, will be going to college next year (it’s different in Australia to the US). I’m hoping to eventually make a living doing web development or computer programming.

    I’d prefer WP Themes in Depth, but I also don’t have WP Tao and I only have the ebook version of .htaccess made easy, so I would love to win any of the three books. Thanks!

  11. Working in the Startup scene, mostly with management and planning. Its quite astounding how much thinking you have to do before you can start thinking about code. I’m also doing a fair bit of development mainly in SASS and AngularJS, and some sysadmin tasks.

    I would like to win .htaccess made easy. I love your work with the Blacklists for instance and have done a fair number of .htaccess tricks myself, but I would love to learn more.

  12. Building WordPress websites for my clients, what else? :)

    I already have Digging into WordPress and it’s great – would love to have The Tao of WordPress. Thanks :)

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