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Giving Away More Books!

A few days ago, I launched a Thanksgiving-themed book giveaway for Digging Into WordPress. The post has received some great comments that reminded me of how absolutely awesome people can be. So to chase the feeling and keep the momentum going, I’m giving away more books to 9 lucky winners.

Here are the books that are up for grabs:

Details: Valid email address required to win. Printed book includes shipping. Randomly chosen winners will be announced in December.

To participate: leave a comment letting people know what you do for a living (or plan on doing or already did or whatever). It would be great to hear what people are up to these days. Also in your comment, please mention which book you would like to win :)

Have fun and good luck!

Update! The contest now is over, thank you to all who participated. You can see who won in the announcement post »

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48 responses to “Giving Away More Books!”

  1. AndrewMinion 2014/11/29 8:05 am

    This summer, I left a full-time job to work for myself, building websites and designing some print material, and have had to turn down work! I’d like the .htaccess made easy book. Thanks!

  2. Steve Wharton 2014/11/29 9:33 am

    Hi Jeff, I believe that ‘The Tao of WordPress’ is the only book of yours which I do not yet own. Your other books are great resources. The BEST thing about “The Tao of WordPress,” “Digging onto WordPress,” and “.htaccess Made Easy,” is the free upgrades to the most recent version as the books are updated over-time. That’s the best value for the price of admission, since WordPress and .htaccess hacks are always evolving over time.

    I’m a +22-years-experienced Seattle-based REALTORĀ® with Keller Williams Seattle who loves helping investors, sellers and home buyers achieve their real estate goals. A couple of months ago, I shut down my Seattle residential appraisal practice after twelve years. When I’m not listing, selling, and buying houses for family, friends, and clients, I enjoy noodling around with WordPress and technology. I know just enough to be dangerous–which means I break things all the time–which means your books bail me out all the time! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Cheers, Steve

  3. Hi I work as a UI Developer for London based consultancy and developing e-commerce sites for biggest European brands. WordPress Themes in depth.

  4. I help people fix problems on their WordPress sites )

  5. I used to work in the automotive industry as a project engineer, but after a diving accident in 1999, I was forced to learn a profession I could do from home. Thanks goodness for the internet. I now run a small web design / freelance company in Michigan. I’ve purchased Digging into WP many moons ago and it was a wonderful resource when I first started deigning sites in WP. I also appreciate all your work you do compiling the “nG Blacklists”… they help keep my client’s sites from being hacked — which sparks my interest in .htaccess made easy.

  6. I work for a digital agency in St. Louis, MO, and I deal with WordPress, Magento, and custom apps. I am still learning the ropes, so it would be great to read The Tao of WordPress. It would make me a more valuable member of the small business where I work.

  7. Full time student…Until June, then I need find real work :)

    WordPress Themes in depth

  8. Nguyen Dinh Quan 2014/11/30 10:00 am

    I’ll optimize my WP and help others fix their problem

  9. Working on marketing magic to get some new sites off the ground–and, for a change, profitable.

  10. Front-end developer for a small startup. From admin ui’s to mobile apps.

  11. I websites using WordPress at the same time studying more about security for WordPress. .htaccess made easy would be the perfect book for me :) Thanks.

  12. Lee Underwood 2014/12/01 9:50 am

    I had worked for 10+ years freelancing and working for Internet.com (before the Web design section was sold off). I managed six major websites, as well as doing technical writing and building other sites.

    A good understanding of the .htaccess file has somehow seemed to elude me so I would be interested in the “.htaccess made easy” book.


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