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Category LiveBookmarks Plus

Category LiveBookmarks Icon
New version of Category LiveBookmarks Plus (CLB+) now available! CLB+ version 2.3.0b enables WordPress 2.3+ users to configure and customize the ultimate set of autodetection feeds, category feeds, category links, and feed links. Features include completely rewritten, optimized code, optional category post counts, and custom RSS-icon links for all category and/or feed links. Overall, the new version is faster and more flexible than ever! Let’s take a quick look..

Update: Category LiveBookmarks is discontinued as WordPress has integrated all of the same functionality. So no more need for this plugin!</update>

Live bookmarks

Category LiveBookmarks Plus is the easy way to provide complete “Live Bookmark” functionality and “Post Smart” feed links to your WordPress-powered website. Simply install the plugin, and users with Firefox, Opera, Navigator, or any other modern browser, will enjoy a selection of your RSS feed links at their fingertips. CLB Plus seamlessly integrates the code necessary for modern browsers to automatically detect and update any RSS feed available from the current page, enabling readers to stay current with important news and updates.

About the plugin

Category LiveBookmarks Plus also makes it easy to add category feed links to posts, comments, pages, or anywhere else within your site. Simply add the <? clb_plus(); ?> function to the desired location within your blog, and there enjoy a contextually relevant selection of completely customizable RSS feed links. There are also options to include RSS feed links for “all posts” and “all comments”, as well as settings to customize markup, icons, and feed links. Plus, as of version 1.7.7, there are options to display a custom set of category links next to feed links, which may include comment counts and RSS-icon links.

With CLB+, you may customize category feeds for the various WordPress view types (e.g., category views, page views). CLB automatically omits feeds with zero posts, and also excludes subcategory feeds. Further, this plugin produces strictly valid XHTML markup.

Installation and Usage

  1. Unzip php file and add to wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Open php file and adjust any of the “CLB OPTIONS”, if desired.
  3. Add the following function call to your sidebar or any other location:
    <?php if (function_exists('clb_plus')) { clb_plus(); } ?>
  4. Feed links will be added to the <head> automatically. No further action required.
  5. Feed links will be added to the <body> wherever the function call (from step 3) is located.

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Jeff Starr
About the Author Jeff Starr = Web Developer. Security Specialist. WordPress Buff.
131 responses
  1. Jeff Starr

    Okay, I think I have a solution for you. To display all feed links for single page views for both feed links and autodiscovery links, follow these steps:

    1) In the main plugin file, locate the following code around line #274:

    if(is_single()) {

    Replace that block of code with this:

    if(is_single()) {
         // create_category_feeds(get_the_category());

    2) Then, locate this block of code, which is similar, but located around line #382:

    if(is_single()) {

    Replace that block of code with this:

    if(is_single()) {
         // create_category_links(get_the_category());

    And that should do it. Save, upload, and test accordingly. Let me know how it works! ;)


  2. Just wanted to say thanx for the plugin, works great for me! I am curious, would it be possible to have a single feed icon appear for an individual category when at that category main page, apart from the category list of feeds which I’ve put in my footer. Thanx again!

  3. Jeff Starr

    Hi twincascos,

    Thanks for the feedback! As for displaying single feed links/icons for category views, you can set the following variable to FALSE:

    $catarchive = FALSE;

    Although it may not work as expected with WordPress 2.3 because of changes made to the database. I plan on resolving this issue with the next upgrade of the plugin.

  4. Hi.
    Database error…
    I want to use this plugin to give rss for my category podcasting.
    I am running latest 2.3 version of wp and the plugin podpress.
    Whenever I activate Category LiveBookmarks I get this message:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'JOIN ON ( .term_id = .term_id ) WHERE .taxonomy = 'category' AND .term_' at line 2]
    SELECT * FROM JOIN ON ( .term_id = .term_id ) WHERE .taxonomy = 'category' AND .term_id &gt; 0 AND count &gt; 0 AND parent = 0 ORDER BY .term_id ASC

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  5. Jeff Starr

    Hi thor, please double-check the version of WordPress that you are using. The site linked to via your name shows that it is running on WP 2.2. If this is the case, I recommend upgrading to the latest version! ;)

  6. Hi,
    Of course, you are right.
    I have just installed it at this site: and I do not get the error.
    Thank you for pointing this out.

    However, I still do not get those nice rss feed icons to show up beside my category list in the sidebar.
    I have added code to the end of my themes style.css, but no luck so far.
    What I want is a nice icon beside each category to be able to subscribe directly to single categories.

    Here is the code I added:
    /* Category LiveBookmarks
    ul.clb_plus li {
    background: url( no-repeat left center;
    padding-left: 13px;

    Thank you

  7. Jeff Starr

    So close!! Try changing the second line in the code from “/*” to “*/” (without the quotes) ..reversing those two characters is a subtle difference that determines whether or not the opening CSS comment is closed. As is, the entire block of rules is “commented out” and thus invisible to the browser. Also, make sure that you have uploaded the actual feed icon to your server.

  8. Hi Perishable – awesome plugin. I noticed in the release notes that the latest version does not support subcategories? What is the procedure to enable this in the latest version? Thanks!

  9. Jeff Starr

    Yes, that is correct, subcategories are excluded by default (as are empty categories). To enable subcategory inclusion, follow these steps (for CLB+ version 2.3):

    1. open CLB+ plugin file
    2. find and delete both (2) instances of “AND parent = 0” (without quotes)
    3. save changes, upload, and enjoy!


  10. Hi Jeff,
    The plugin is presenting my categories, however each item (the rss icon, cat title and qty) are each presented on a separate line.

    The only mods I have made are to say true for qty and point to my choice of icon.

    I’d also like to order them alphabetically.

    Many thanks in advance!

  11. Jeff Starr

    Hi Sue,
    It is difficult to diagnose such an issue without an example to investigate. Do you happen to have a feed list showing anywhere on your site?

  12. Hi Jeff,
    You can view the results at the bottom of the right sidebar.

    many thanks,

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