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Category LiveBookmarks Plus

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New version of Category LiveBookmarks Plus (CLB+) now available! CLB+ version 2.3.0b enables WordPress 2.3+ users to configure and customize the ultimate set of autodetection feeds, category feeds, category links, and feed links. Features include completely rewritten, optimized code, optional category post counts, and custom RSS-icon links for all category and/or feed links. Overall, the new version is faster and more flexible than ever! Let’s take a quick look..

Update: Category LiveBookmarks is discontinued as WordPress has integrated all of the same functionality. So no more need for this plugin!</update>

Live bookmarks

Category LiveBookmarks Plus is the easy way to provide complete “Live Bookmark” functionality and “Post Smart” feed links to your WordPress-powered website. Simply install the plugin, and users with Firefox, Opera, Navigator, or any other modern browser, will enjoy a selection of your RSS feed links at their fingertips. CLB Plus seamlessly integrates the code necessary for modern browsers to automatically detect and update any RSS feed available from the current page, enabling readers to stay current with important news and updates.

About the plugin

Category LiveBookmarks Plus also makes it easy to add category feed links to posts, comments, pages, or anywhere else within your site. Simply add the <? clb_plus(); ?> function to the desired location within your blog, and there enjoy a contextually relevant selection of completely customizable RSS feed links. There are also options to include RSS feed links for “all posts” and “all comments”, as well as settings to customize markup, icons, and feed links. Plus, as of version 1.7.7, there are options to display a custom set of category links next to feed links, which may include comment counts and RSS-icon links.

With CLB+, you may customize category feeds for the various WordPress view types (e.g., category views, page views). CLB automatically omits feeds with zero posts, and also excludes subcategory feeds. Further, this plugin produces strictly valid XHTML markup.

Installation and Usage

  1. Unzip php file and add to wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Open php file and adjust any of the “CLB OPTIONS”, if desired.
  3. Add the following function call to your sidebar or any other location:
    <?php if (function_exists('clb_plus')) { clb_plus(); } ?>
  4. Feed links will be added to the <head> automatically. No further action required.
  5. Feed links will be added to the <body> wherever the function call (from step 3) is located.

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Jeff Starr
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131 responses
  1. Jeff Starr

    New version of Category LiveBookmarks Plus now available! CLB+ version 2.3.0a is designed for complete compatibility with WordPress 2.3 (i.e., will not work with WP versions less than 2.3). Grab a copy and let me know if anything needs further attention. Thanks for your patience with this update! ;)

  2. I tested your plugin and is really nice. This Help me a lot with my blog! Thank You!

  3. If I am not mistaken, CLB+ version 2.3.0a does not do the following:

    CLB+ automatically omits feeds with zero posts, and also excludes subcategory feeds.

    Secondly, CLB+ generated feeds do seem to be by the WP-Cache plugin. I wonder if you could do something about that?

  4. Err…, ignore the second point in the post above. Aside from the fact it wasn’t even a syntactically correct sentence, CLB+ generated feeds are cached by wp-cache. Apparently it didn’t happen when I tested it, because of clashing browser cache / server cache.

    There is a new problem for me however, because wp-cache serves the feeds with a text/html header instead of text/xml, breaking my web-based feed reder. Nothing that should concern CLB+ though.

  5. Jeff Starr

    Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the automatic omission of zero-post and subcategory feeds this weekend (which for me is Monday – Wednesday). I will report back here when I am done.

  6. Jeff Starr

    Okay! I have resolved the issues addressed by Bantai. CLB+ now will not generate links for empty categories or subcategories. The latest version is 2.3.0b, and is available for immediate download via the primary download link above. Please leave a comment or contact me directly if any other issues should happen to surface.

  7. CLB+ 2.3.0b is looking good! Thanks.

    BTW: does CLB+ support WordPress 2.3’s Update Notification? I installed the plug manually, so I couldn’t notice anything.

  8. Jeff Starr

    I am fairly sure the Update Notification service requires plugins to be registered/located in the WordPress plugin database/repository. Unfortunately, the WP peeps have made that process extremely time-consuming and complicated, and I just don’t have the extra time to spend jumping through hoops. For now, my plugins are listed in the open-source portion of the WP Codex, which seems to be working just fine. In any case, I am glad the new version of CLB+ is working well for you. Please let me know if any other issues should happen to surface.

  9. How do I make sure that the links show up alphabetically on my index page? For some reason they are not doing that in my sidebar.. I am wondering if there is a conflict with Feed WordPress…=(

  10. Jeff Starr

    Interesting.. it almost looks like they are in alphanumeric order, but only for the first few entries or so. Anyway, I will look into this as soon as time allows and post back here if/when I discover any relevant information and/or release another update. Btw, your site uses CLB+ to display more category/feed links than I have ever seen! Very nice ;)

  11. Thanks! The categories that are NOT in alpha- numeric order are ones that I have added more recently to the FeedWordpress syndication dashboard, so I’m thinking it may be an issue with the way that it displays categories…

  12. Jeff Starr

    Oh, how I love the pressure ;)

    After looking into it, reordering the results is rather trivial. Simply locate the two instances of the following line:

    ORDER BY $wpdb->terms.term_id ASC";

    ..and replace each of them with this:

    ORDER BY $wpdb-> ASC";

    ..and that should do it. Let me know if something goes awry.

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