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Category LiveBookmarks Plus

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New version of Category LiveBookmarks Plus (CLB+) now available! CLB+ version 2.3.0b enables WordPress 2.3+ users to configure and customize the ultimate set of autodetection feeds, category feeds, category links, and feed links.

Features include completely rewritten, optimized code, optional category post counts, and custom RSS-icon links for all category and/or feed links. Overall, the new version is faster and more flexible than ever!

Let’s take a quick look..

Update: Category LiveBookmarks is discontinued as WordPress has integrated all of the same functionality. So no more need for this plugin!</update>

Live bookmarks

Category LiveBookmarks Plus is the easy way to provide complete “Live Bookmark” functionality and “Post Smart” feed links to your WordPress-powered website. Simply install the plugin, and users with Firefox, Opera, Navigator, or any other modern browser, will enjoy a selection of your RSS feed links at their fingertips. CLB Plus seamlessly integrates the code necessary for modern browsers to automatically detect and update any RSS feed available from the current page, enabling readers to stay current with important news and updates.

About the plugin

Category LiveBookmarks Plus also makes it easy to add category feed links to posts, comments, pages, or anywhere else within your site. Simply add the <? clb_plus(); ?> function to the desired location within your blog, and there enjoy a contextually relevant selection of completely customizable RSS feed links. There are also options to include RSS feed links for “all posts” and “all comments”, as well as settings to customize markup, icons, and feed links. Plus, as of version 1.7.7, there are options to display a custom set of category links next to feed links, which may include comment counts and RSS-icon links.

With CLB+, you may customize category feeds for the various WordPress view types (e.g., category views, page views). CLB automatically omits feeds with zero posts, and also excludes subcategory feeds. Further, this plugin produces strictly valid XHTML markup.

Installation and Usage

  1. Unzip php file and add to wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Open php file and adjust any of the “CLB OPTIONS”, if desired.
  3. Add the following function call to your sidebar or any other location:
    <?php if (function_exists('clb_plus')) { clb_plus(); } ?>
  4. Feed links will be added to the <head> automatically. No further action required.
  5. Feed links will be added to the <body> wherever the function call (from step 3) is located.

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131 responses to “Category LiveBookmarks Plus”

  1. Thanks for ur answer)

    U know when I deleted “AND category_parent = 0” I got a list of my categories feeds. But it looks not hierarchical, I mean for example if I have in my wordpress site category “Demand management” and 3 sub-categories “Consumer Relationship Management”, “Efficient Product Introductions”, “Efficient Promotion” I want them look like the list which have parent and childs (like for example list in ur “Recent Activity” menu of this site). What should I change in the script of plugin to achieve this effect?

  2. Ekaterina 2009/07/20 4:32 am

    Actually, i want to have the list of categories feeds links with icons in 2 or 3 columns like catalogue (because I have too many categories and sub-categories). Smth similar it is in article-directory plugin..

  3. Avatar photo
    Jeff Starr 2009/07/20 9:27 pm

    Ekaterina, instead of deleting the “AND category_parent = 0”, have you tried changing the zero value to “1”?

  4. Ekaterina 2009/07/21 4:37 am

    If to change 0 to 1, then the list will have only two children: Comments (RSS) and Posts (RSS) :((

  5. Ekaterina 2009/07/22 3:29 am

    Oh, I want it very much too!

  6. Avatar photo

    Awesome!!!! Thank you, I was looking at hand coding, but this is purely simple and sweet ;)

  7. Dan Dawson 2010/09/06 9:03 am

    I’ve been using Category LiveBookmarks Plus for a while and it has worked very nicely. Recently I’ve had to exclude some categories from my public category list and from feeds, so I implemented the Advanced Category Excluder (ACE) plugin:

    And it worked wonderfully, except that it doesn’t work with Category LiveBookmarks Plus :-(

    I “cheated” by capturing the output your plugin creates, removing the categories I didn’t want to show, and putting that generated code in my sidebar… but that takes away all the fun *grins* And if I add more categories, they won’t automatically be added to my category list as I would hope.

    In your next version, it would be awesome if your plugin could recognize the excluded categories from ACE, or provide some basic exclusion features of your own to hide specific categories from your generated listings.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Avatar photo

    I was looking for something that would let me list all my feeds with a little RSS icon and post count. Nothing worked until I found this. It’s old but still works with WordPress 3.1.2

    It took a little tweaking but all the answers are here in your comments. Thanks.

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  10. very good post, i definitely love this web site, carry on it

  11. Justin Weathers 2011/08/06 11:14 am

    Does the plugin work with the latest version of wordpress? (ie 3.0 and later).

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