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Apple AirTag Review

Recently learned about Apple AirTag. Which is a small round device that you can put in your bag or whatever to track its location anywhere. Think I need to try one of those cool little gadgets. Here’s my experience in a nutshell..

> Purchase AirTag for around $30.

> Find out it doesn’t work on macOS, need to use iOS.

> Er, okay will use my iPad. Not ideal but whatever.

> Bring AirTag near iPad to initiate setup. Can’t wait.

> Discover that AirTag requires two-factor authentication (2FA).

> But I don’t want 2FA authentication for my iPad.

> Absolutely don’t want or need 2FA on the device.

> So can’t use the AirTag I just bought.

> Money flushed down the drain unless I re-gift or something.

> That’s my experience with Apple AirTag.

Jeff Starr
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Jeff Starr = Designer. Developer. Producer. Writer. Editor. Etc.
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2 responses to “Apple AirTag Review”

  1. OK Jeff, I will bite!
    Why don’t you want 2FA on your iPad?

    • Jeff Starr
      Jeff Starr 2023/02/15 9:55 pm

      It’s just an old iPad I use for playing games. Nobody else has access, so 2FA would only serve to slow things down. In the evening, after work is thru and I’m chilling. When I reach over to iPad to play games, I want to swipe and play, not fiddle around with 2FA verification, extra clicks, waiting, etc. Just because a device exists, does not mean it needs 2FA.

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