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What is My WordPress Feed URL?

[ WordPress RSS Feed ] For future reference, this article covers each of the many ways to access your WordPress-generated feeds1. Several different URL formats are available for the various types of WordPress feeds — posts, comments, and categories — for both permalink and default URL structures. For each example, replace “http://example.com/” with the URL of your blog. Note: even though your blog’s main feed is accessible through many different URLs, there are clear benefits to using a single, consistent feed URL throughout your site. Now let’s find out what is your WordPress feed URL..

WordPress Feed URLs when Permalinks Enabled

If you have permalinks enabled on your site, your main-content (posts) feed is accessible via the following URLs, depending on which feed format you would like to use:

Format URL
RSS 2.0 format http://example.com/feed/
RSS 2.0 format http://example.com/feed/rss2/
RSS 0.92 format http://example.com/feed/rss/
RDF/RSS 1.0 format http://example.com/feed/rdf/
Atom format http://example.com/feed/atom/

WordPress Feed URLs when Permalinks NOT Enabled

When WordPress permalinks are NOT enabled, your main-content (posts) feed is accessible via the following URLs, depending on the desired feed format:

Format URL
RSS 2.0 format http://example.com/wp-rss2.php
RSS 0.92 format http://example.com/wp-rss.php
RDF/RSS 1.0 format http://example.com/wp-rdf.php
Atom format http://example.com/wp-atom.php

Alternately, your main-content (posts) feed is also available at the following query-string URLs, depending on desired format:

Format URL
RSS 2.0 format http://example.com/?feed=rss2
RSS 0.92 format http://example.com/?feed=rss
RDF/RSS 1.0 format http://example.com/?feed=rdf
Atom format http://example.com/?feed=atom

Display your WordPress Feed URLs

To determine/display the default posts feed URL for your blog’s main content, place any or all of these template tags into a useful location in one of your theme files:

Format Template Tag
RSS 2.0 format <?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>
RSS 0.92 format <?php bloginfo('rss_url'); ?>
RDF/RSS 1.0 format <?php bloginfo('rdf_url'); ?>
Atom format <?php bloginfo('atom_url'); ?>

WordPress Main Comments Feed

Your blog’s main comments feed is available only in RSS 2.0 format, but there are several URL options from which to choose:

Format URL
Permalink format http://example.com/comments/feed/
Default format http://example.com/wp-commentsrss2.php
Query-string format http://example.com/?feed=commentsrss2

To display the default URL for your main comments feed, add this template tag to your theme file and load the page in your browser:

<?php bloginfo('comments_rss2_url'); ?>

Comment Feeds for Single Posts

By default, every post also delivers its own feed featuring all of its comments. To display feed URLs for individual, post-specific comment feeds, place this template tag anywhere in the main post loop or comment loop2:

<?php comments_rss_link('Subscribe to comments on this post via RSS-2.0 feed'); ?>

Alternately, to display the comment feed URL for any specific post, simply append either feed or ?feed=rss2 to the original post URL. For example:

Format URL
Permalink format http://example.com/single-blog-post/feed/
Default format http://example.com/single-blog-post/?feed=rss2
Query-string format* http://example.com/?p=123&feed=rss2

* Note: In the “Query-string format” example, p=123 refers to the post ID. Thanks to Spamboy for sharing this example.

Category Feeds

URLs for individual category feeds:

Format URL
Permalink format http://example.com/category/categoryname/feed/
Non-permalink format http://example.com/wp-rss2.php?cat=33

Tag Feeds

URLs for individual tag feeds:

Format URL
Permalink format http://example.com/tag/tagname/feed/
Non-permalink format (Not available)

Other Feeds

Of course, additional types of WordPress feeds also may be available. For example, with permalinks enabled, you can append feed to just about any WordPress URL to get the feed. Let’s say that you are viewing the year-based archives, something like:


To get the RSS feed for this archive, just do this:


Likewise for most any archive view, like monthly, daily, search, plus things like custom post types and custom taxonomies, all should provide feeds at the feed endpoint1. Again this works when permalinks are enabled on the site. Your mileage may vary when permalinks are NOT enabled.


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55 responses to “What is My WordPress Feed URL?”

  1. Thanks Jeff. You can grab the RSS content from a specific category by passing in the “category_name” querystring argument. Is it possible to get content that has been labeled with a specific tag? Using “tag” or “tag_id” arguments has not worked for me so far.

  2. Jeff Starr
    Jeff Starr 2009/09/13 8:21 am

    Nat, for newer versions of WordPress, you can create custom feeds from any of your tags with this format:


    This is one of the many tips featured in our latest book on WordPress, Digging into WordPress, due out this fall.

  3. I searches this information about WP feed URL and I found it here in a detailed version. Thank you very much.

  4. Trevor White 2009/10/31 2:34 pm

    Hi there Jeff. Maybe you can answer this Q please. I have set up my WP blog, and want to obtain my RSS feed address of my blog so I can submit it. To do this I was told to click on the RSS icon within my blog theme header, and that will tell me the RSS feed url of my blog.

    Whenever I do this though, I am redirected to my “my yahoo” page. Could you please tell me how I can obtain the feed address of my wp blog please?

    Thanks, Trevor

  5. Jeff Starr
    Jeff Starr 2009/11/02 1:40 pm

    Hi Trevor, I may be able to help.. what is the URL of your website?

  6. Thanks for the tip, it was little confused for me.
    Thanks again.

  7. thank you for the tips

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