Two Faces Three

When I woke up this morning, preparing to do some light traveling, I felt fine. And, despite my car needing sudden and immediate repairs, eventually found my way to Seattle without incident. Yet, during the ride, I remember noticing a bizarre taste on the left side of my mouth. Also, the left side of my face felt different — at the time I first noticed this, I could not define the precise nature of such difference, but I am sure things had changed somehow. While in Seattle, visiting friends, I became aware of the fact that, when smiling, I was only able to smile using the right side of my mouth. But that seemed minor compared to the fact that my car started acting funny again, after 300 dollars in car repairs, and after traveling 200 miles to Seattle.

The situation with my face was not improving. 48 hours after noticing odd flavours, I have realized that the entire left half of my face has been paralyzed. I am freaking out! I feel like some kind of freak — only speaking out of the right side of my mouth, only laughing with the right side of my face, and only living with the right half of myself. It does not prevent me from going out, as long as nobody sees me smiling or laughing or making any kind of face that does not match up with absolutely no expression whatsoever. The left half of my face is so incredibly laid back right now — just looking chilly, while the right side is doing all the work at getting out the message, working for two facial halves simultaneously. So it looks a bit strained, forced, and exhausting. I am tiring to look at, making people laugh out loud when I come correct with only half a face.

I have accepted my face. And, I, for now, have two faces. I can smile and laugh and talk with you, or I can simply turn, look you dead cold in the eyeball, and appear completely objective, stern, and in control. When I look at you with both faces, you become restless, confused, and overwhelmed. Do not fear little one, I come in peace, yet I come in pieces.

Even when I am outraged, and the right side of my face is angry and intense, there is calm in the storm. Simply follow my left face, which remains entirely mellow and detached. As if I were one again.