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Hot scans

Easily the most common exploit scan for WordPress is /{path}/wp-login.php.

Heat wave

Pushing 110+ ℉ for several days now, expected for at least another week or so.


After 12 intense weeks the Plugin Planet redesign is now live. Much work still happening behind the scenes.

June, July, August

June, July, August historically are slow months on the Web. Perfect time to get some real work done (think projects).

Almost there

Redesigning Plugin Planet is one the most challenging things I’ve done online. Almost there, about another two weeks ’til launch.

Mouse Rat

I could listen to Mouse Rat all day.

Thanks Apple

Thanks Apple for pushing out your massive 3 GB macOS updates because GarageBand. Oh, and Podcasts.

Affinity Designer opening upside down images

Weird bug with Affinity Designer. If images are opening upside down, click View ▸ Reset Rotation and problem solved.

Hearty Laugh

Had a good laugh today when I saw this in a support email: “In observance of Arbor Day our team will be out of the office on Friday, April 30th.” Lol Arbor Day.

Facebook going downhill fast

Just spent a few minutes scrolling thru FB, almost every ad was pushing the va×.

Force hide mac apps

On macOS when an app won’t hide, you can force it by holding the ⌥ (option) key and clicking anywhere on the desktop.

Heavy into redesign

Currently having a blast redesigning Plugin Planet, so much work so little time.

BBQ Pro Review

Thanks to David McCan over at WebTNG for the awesome BBQ Pro review.

Mini vacation

Enjoyed a nice mini-vacation with my fam. Great way to recharge and regroup.

Interview at ThemeIsle

Nice little interview with yours truly over at ThemeIsle. WordPress, web dev & more!

16 Years

Perishable Press celebrating 16 years online! An incredible, rewarding journey.

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My top three favorite-to-write coding languages: CSS, PHP, JavaScript.
If you’re not 100% sure that you can trust something, you can’t.
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