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How it’s going

Watching. Waiting. Praying.

Plugin updates Fall 2020

Got all of my free WordPress plugins updated for imminent WP 5.6 in early December. Pro plugin updates currently in the works.

BBQ Firewall

7G Firewall now integrated into BBQ Firewall (free version). Pro version soon ;)

Big Sur

macOS Big Sur update complete. So far no crazy issues. Except TextEdit, which is completely screwed up and unusable. Replaced with free BBEdit.

macOS red dot

Got so sick of macOS’ annoying “red dot” that I had to remove System Prefs from the dock. Come on Apple you can do better.

nG on Nginx

Beginning development of an Nginx version of 7G Firewall.

15 years!

Happy Birthday to Perishable Press, celebrating 15 years online! :)

The strategy

Hide in the basement and hope for the best.

Look ahead

Part of my success is from being able to look ahead down the road and see things coming before they actually get here.

Portfolio refresh

Spent some time refreshing my business portfolio at :)

Screenshot GIFs

Tried lots of apps for making animated GIFs from screen captures, so far Kap is my favorite. For example the GIF on this post.

Autumn leaves

Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Speckyboy Interview

Stoked! Had a great interview with Eric over at :)

Air clearing

Air finally clearing here in WA. Feeling grateful to breathe again. #oxygenmatters

Smoke attack

Past week here in WA state has been hellish. So much smoke, like living in a chimney.

September 2020

Now in September, I’m where I wanted to be in March.

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Our neighbor just lets their little rat dog bark incessantly 24/7. Endless barking for the whole neighborhood.
Loving Waterfox, my new favorite browser for general surfing and playing on teh Web.
Avoiding Amazon until they stop forcing 2-factor authentication. Frustrating waste of time. Make it optional imbeciles.
Today my trusty scanner died. Not going to replace it. And when my printer finally dies, I'm not going to replace that either.
Spent about a week or so away from screens and media as much as possible. Helps to regain perspective.
Celebrating 8 years providing premium WordPress plugins at Plugin Planet!
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