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Nice collection of free SEO APIs and user-agent lookups for Googlebot, Bingbot, Applebot, YandexBot, and more.

Customer support

90% of online customer support is just explaining how to do basic troubleshooting.

7G Firewall Update

7G Firewall version 1.6 now available!

DIY Monitor File Changes

DIY: Monitor File Changes via Cron working perfectly for over a decade.

Mastodon social

Mastodon social is a trip. Glad I found it.

Cache plugins

As a strict rule, I never use cache plugins on any of my sites. They cause more problems than they solve, imho. Just not worth it.

Posting spree

Currently on a posting spree :)

Order of events

6 must come before 7.

Favorite coding languages

My top three favorite-to-write coding languages: CSS, PHP, JavaScript.

“Maybe” trust isn’t a thing

If you’re not 100% sure that you can trust something, you can’t.

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays & much success in 2023.

Blackhole Cache Mode

Need beta testers for Blackhole’s new cache-compatibility mode. Drop a line if able to help test, thank you :)

Artificial problems

AI is creating problems that only AI can solve. #deepthoughts

Code minimalism

I try to make use of default functionality whenever possible. For everything.

macOS Ventura

Upgraded iMac to Ventura. Disabled “unsend mail” feature and found some (now) hidden wallpaper settings. Overall smooth upgrade.

Empty spaces

( $this ) is bloat. ($this) is better.

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First snow of the year :)
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Sincerely trying to engage more on social media. I love the people not the platforms.
All free and pro WordPress plugins updated and ready for WP version 6.4!
Fall season almost here :)
My greatest skill on social media is the ability to simply ignore 98% and keep scrolling without interacting.
Enjoying this summer, getting some great positive energy. Refreshing and inspiring.
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