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There is no end to what humans can achieve when they work together.

Best free SSL test

Excellent (and free) tool to test your site’s SSL configuration.

WordPress 6.2!

Plugin updates! All of our free and pro plugins ready for WordPress 6.2.

Daylight spendings

Daylight savings is a complete waste of time and needs to be eliminated.

Snow day

Got a couple of snow days here in mid-March. Fortunately it’s not sticking.

Inbox zero

I handle all email in real time as it comes in, perpetually clear inbox for years now.

Wutsearch update

Added some nice features to Wutsearch search engine launchpad. Now 21 engines!

WordPress top-level domain

.wp TLD plz :)


Nice collection of free SEO APIs and user-agent lookups for Googlebot, Bingbot, Applebot, YandexBot, and more.

Customer support

90% of online customer support is just explaining how to do basic troubleshooting.

7G Firewall Update

7G Firewall version 1.6 now available!

DIY Monitor File Changes

DIY: Monitor File Changes via Cron working perfectly for over a decade.

Mastodon social

Mastodon social is a trip. Glad I found it.

Cache plugins

As a strict rule, I never use cache plugins on any of my sites. They cause more problems than they solve, imho. Just not worth it.

Posting spree

Currently on a posting spree :)

Order of events

6 must come before 7.

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GA Pro: Add Google Analytics to WordPress like a pro.
Crazy that we’re almost halfway thru 2024.
I live right next door to the absolute loudest car in town. And the owner loves to drive it.
8G Firewall now out of beta testing, ready for use on production sites.
It's all about that ad revenue baby.
Note to self: encrypting 500 GB of data on my iMac takes around 8 hours.
Getting back into things after a bit of a break. Currently 7° F outside. Chillz.
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