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New book

Working on a new book :)

Star Trek

I enjoy listening to original Star Trek and NG episodes while working online. After a while it feels like I’m working on the ship as part of the crew, going on adventures.

shapeSpace theme update

New version (2.6) of my shapeSpace starter theme now available! Always free & open source for everyone :)

Book updates!

Finished updating all of my books! As always, book owners can download the latest versions for FREE :)

Accessibility Tools has a very thorough list of accessibility tools.

Waking up

The more you wake up, the more you realize you are still asleep.

7G Firewall Update

7G Firewall v1.4 now available!

Big phones suck

I would pay twice as much for a shorter/smaller/lighter phone.

August 2021

Taking a much needed break in August :)

Social Media

The Web was better before social media.

Classic Widgets FTW

WP 5.8 Gutenberg/Block Widgets is breaking many sites. Fortunately Disable Gutenberg makes it easy to restore Classic Widgets with a click.

Hot scans

Easily the most common exploit scan for WordPress is /{path}/wp-login.php.

Heat wave

Pushing 110+ ℉ for several days now, expected for at least another week or so.


After 12 intense weeks the Plugin Planet redesign is now live. Much work still happening behind the scenes.

June, July, August

June, July, August historically are slow months on the Web. Perfect time to get some real work done (think projects).

Almost there

Redesigning Plugin Planet is one the most challenging things I’ve done online. Almost there, about another two weeks ’til launch.

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Finally feeling better and back on track to launch SAC Pro this June or July.
All plugins updated for WordPress 6.0 (drops tomorrow)!
Coding never ends. Bring a snack.
Not posting anything online usually means I’m busy working on my next project.
Today is my 50th B-day :)
Deep in the code.
Making good progress on my next pro plugin, Simple Ajax Chat Pro :)
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