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Smoke tests for WP plugins

Find out if a plugin works with the latest version of WordPress @

Lighten up

Going through all of my data, deleting all the chaff. Going for less than 500 GB total data storage.

Cleaning up

Finally deleted all the cool unused placeholder Twitter accounts that I signed up for years ago. I will never use them.

Goodbye Dashlane

After several years with Dashlane, I’ve moved on to a simpler, better solution.

Moving on

After 10+ years, finally moved the last of my sites away from Media Temple.

Going forward

MUCH work to be done.

How it’s going

Watching. Waiting. Praying.

Plugin updates Fall 2020

Got all of my free WordPress plugins updated for imminent WP 5.6 in early December. Pro plugin updates currently in the works.

BBQ Firewall

7G Firewall now integrated into BBQ Firewall (free version). Pro version soon ;)

Big Sur

macOS Big Sur update complete. So far no crazy issues. Except TextEdit, which is completely screwed up and unusable. Replaced with free BBEdit.

macOS red dot

Got so sick of macOS’ annoying “red dot” that I had to remove System Prefs from the dock. Come on Apple you can do better.

nG on Nginx

Beginning development of an Nginx version of 7G Firewall.

15 years!

Happy Birthday to Perishable Press, celebrating 15 years online! :)

The strategy

Hide in the basement and hope for the best.

Look ahead

Part of my success is from being able to look ahead down the road and see things coming before they actually get here.

Portfolio refresh

Spent some time refreshing my business portfolio at :)

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GA Pro: Add Google Analytics to WordPress like a pro.
WP 5.8 Gutenberg/Block Widgets is breaking many sites. Fortunately Disable Gutenberg makes it easy to restore Classic Widgets with a click.
Easily the most common exploit scan for WordPress is /{path}/wp-login.php.
Pushing 110+ ℉ for several days now, expected for at least another week or so.
After 12 intense weeks the Plugin Planet redesign is now live. Much work still happening behind the scenes.
June, July, August historically are slow months on the Web. Perfect time to get some real work done (think projects).
Redesigning Plugin Planet is one the most challenging things I’ve done online. Almost there, about another two weeks ’til launch.
I could listen to Mouse Rat all day.
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