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Coding never ends. Bring a snack.


Not posting anything online usually means I’m busy working on my next project.


Today is my 50th B-day :)

Deep In It

Deep in the code.


Making good progress on my next pro plugin, Simple Ajax Chat Pro :)

Fast times

Events definitely are speeding up. For those who are paying attention.

Blocking tons of spam

New wave of spam comments easily blocked, add =https:// to WP Discussion settings ▸ Disallowed Comment Keys.

Plugin update time

Wrapping up book launch. Now focusing on plugin updates for WP 5.9, due Jan. 25th.

It’s here!

Soft launch for my new book: Wizard’s SQL Recipes for WordPress

Almost there

New book around 200 pages, almost done!

New book progress

Making great strides on my new book. Planned release in December :)

Organizational tools

To organize my life, I keep it simple. online: plain text files, offline: sticky notes.

Googlebot IP list

Official list of Googlebot IP addresses.


Lot of 1s in today’s date 20211111.

New book

Working on a new book :)

Star Trek

I enjoy listening to original Star Trek and NG episodes while working online. After a while it feels like I’m working on the ship as part of the crew, going on adventures.

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USP Pro: Unlimited front-end forms for user-submitted posts and more.
Plugin updates! All of our free and pro plugins ready for WordPress 6.2.
Daylight savings is a complete waste of time and needs to be eliminated.
Got a couple of snow days here in mid-March. Fortunately it's not sticking.
I handle all email in real time as it comes in, perpetually clear inbox for years now.
Added some nice features to Wutsearch search engine launchpad. Now 21 engines!
.wp TLD plz :)
Nice collection of free SEO APIs and user-agent lookups for Googlebot, Bingbot, Applebot, YandexBot, and more.
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