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Just realized that “Neo” is an anagram for “One”. As in, “he is the One” (The Matrix).

VLC player tip

To get VLC app to load all songs (including subfolders), go to Preferences ▸ Show All ▸ Playlist ▸ Subdirectory behavior ▸ Expand.

Switching to Affinity Photo

Switching from PhotoShop to Affinity Photo is one of the most liberating work-related things I’ve done in 20 years.

Pro plugin updates

Finally got my collection of Pro WordPress plugins updated. Everything now better than ever and current with WP 5.5.

VLC media player

I heart VLC player, but its default random mode absolutely sucks for large music libraries. Update: improve VLC random mode.

Back on track

Air conditioner finally fixed. Now getting back on track with work and stuff.

Wake up

It’s not real buddy. Turn off the propaganda and think for yourself.

Internet outage maps

Something tells me these Internet outage tools will be very super useful for the next several months. Buckle up people.

Summer heat

Right in the middle of the August desert heatwave (temps above 100°F / 38°C), our air conditioner dies. Not getting much done while waiting for a fix. Just way too hot.

Google search results

Somehow the Google search results are less on target lately. Taking longer to find basic information.

Plesk updates

I feel like I deserve a hero badge for keeping Plesk updated to the latest version.

Inspiring details

This is an inspiring design for tutorial sites. So many cool little details. Gotta try that tty-player.

WordPress 5.5

Just upgraded Perishable Press to WP 5.5. So far so good..

Wow great support

LOL @ “weekly” support: “Your request has been received and will be reviewed soon. Neil (your support guy) checks support requests weekly. Rest assured we’ll get to it!” — Gotta be kidding with this.


After several days of work, finally taking a break. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in Zora’s Domain, working thru Mah Eliya shrine.

Words of wisdom

Never ever call the client a useless idiot. Even if it’s true.

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Today my trusty scanner died. Not going to replace it. And when my printer finally dies, I'm not going to replace that either.
Spent about a week or so away from screens and media as much as possible. Helps to regain perspective.
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