Ron Paul 2012 WordPress Plugin

Update (2012/11/08): Well the elections are over and Ron Paul was not elected to be the next president of the United States. Deeper implications aside, the Ron Paul 2012 plugin is now discontinued. If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin to display a banner, button, or badge on your website, check out my new plugin Show Support Ribbon.</update>

I wanted to show support for Ron Paul on my WordPress website with a simple badge or button. Surprised at not finding any plugins for Ron Paul in the Directory, I decided to be the first. You can grab it here:

Removed from WP Plugin Directory (404 link removed 2017/01/18)

..or from the comfort of your WordPress Admin area. Once logged in, visit Plugins > Add New. Then search for “Ron Paul 2012” and you should see it (because it’s the only one — for now). If it looks good you can install the plugin directly from there.

The plugin is meant to simple, and contains only two files:

  • readme.txt
  • ron-paul-2012.php

The badge displayed on the front-end is created with inline CSS (no images) to keep it all in one place.

Installation & Usage

Visit the “Ron Paul 2012” options page, choose your settings, save changes, done.


Here are screenshots of the 3 pre-defined badge styles:

[ Screenshot: RP2012 Plugin - 'Circle' style ]
Circle/button style

[ Screenshot: RP2012 Plugin - 'Banner' style ]
Banner style

[ Screenshot: RP2012 Plugin - 'Ribbon' style ]
Ribbon style

Here is a shot of the Options page:

[ Screenshot: RP2012 Plugin Settings ]
Plugin Options/Settings page


Use the “Custom” option and add your own CSS styles.

[ Screenshot: RP2012 Custom Settings ]
Custom CSS options


Help and ideas appreciated. Leave a comment or send an email. Thanks.