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French Version of Contact Coldform Released

Several months after the release of the Arabic and Spanish versions of Contact Coldform, I am pleased to announce the release of a French translation of the plugin. The new French translation is graciously provided by Tony Tohme, who is also helping with the upcoming Russian translation of the Coldform. So huge “Thank you” to Tony! :)


To download the French version of Contact Coldform, check out the plugin’s home page, where you will find the download link, installation instructions, additional information, future updates, and much more.

Update: The French translation of the Coldform has been graciously updated by none other than Louis himself. Louis’ native language is French, which means a much more concise, correct translation of the plugin. As before, you may grab a copy of the French Coldform via the plugin’s homepage. Thank you, Louis! :)

About Contact Coldform

Contact Coldform is a free plugin that provides an easy-to-use, standards-compliant, squeaky-clean contact form for your WordPress-powered site. Designed with crisp, validating (X)HTML markup and sharp, secure, and well-formatted PHP. Learn more about Contact Coldform, or check out and download some free Coldskins, which are ready-made CSS themes designed to style your Coldform quickly and easily.

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9 responses to “French Version of Contact Coldform Released”

  1. Jeff,

    You give so much to the community in general, and to me in particular, that I’m very happy to help. This blog of yours is a gold mine for anyone who wants to learn! I hope the translation is free of any mistakes, as French isn’t my native language (Arabic is).

    And now that you announced the upcoming Russian translation, I’ll have to stop being so lazy and finish it soon. Methinks you did it on purpose to accelerate the process. ;-)

  2. There are actually quite a few mistakes in this French translation – no offence intended Tony.

    Can I help correct them? I don’t know the translation process you have chosen Jeff. Do people email zip package directly to you? Also, why are you making one package by langage, with the langage hard-coded into the plugin? I suggest you use the solution I’ve seen used by popular plugins, where you have separate langage files along with the PHP file of the plugin.

  3. Jeff Starr 2009/01/11 4:20 pm

    @Tony: Thanks for the kind words about the site. It is inspiring to hear positive feedback and completely awesome that generous people such as yourself are willing to help by contributing time and knowledge. It is greatly appreciated. And, no hurry with the Russian translation, although I am looking forward to seeing it! ;)

    @Louis: I certainly didn’t notice any mistakes! ;) I know that French is your native language, so any improvements that you could make would be appreciated by everyone. Simply grab a copy, make any necessary changes, and email the zip back to me. Yes I know this is not an optimal way of doing things, but until I have time for an upgrade, it will have to do. (Great to hear from you again, btw! :)

  4. Thank you Tony :)

    I emailed Jeff the files some time ago, so it’s done. The mistakes where very rare though don’t worry. The thing that bothered me the most in fact was the punctuation.

    In French, there’s a non-breaking space before an exclamation/interrogation point, a semi-colon. It’s non-breaking but also smaller. Before a colon or a dash, it’s a non-breaking but normal-size space.

    There’s a lot more complex rules in French typography, but this is just a taste. Here’s an amazing PDF on the subject if you want to digg more.

  5. Louis, no offense taken. You can correct them yourself like Jeff already stated, or just tell me where the mistakes are, and I’ll be happy to correct them.

    Jeff, I thought I had answered here a month ago, but I guess I didn’t after all! I won’t promise, because I don’t want to break the promise, but maybe next week I’ll email you the Russian translation. Sorry it’s taken so long!

  6. Thanks for the document, Louis! I really like following the rules when writing, so I’ll definitely be reading it.

    I was a toddler when I started talking French, and I spoke fluently. But it’s been more than 13 years since I spoke a single French word, and this translation is my first attempt at using a French keyboard. Thanks for correcting it! :)

  7. I have the deepest admiration for people like you that manage to learn French – and on an even higher scale, asian language such as Japanese. It must be so freakin hard, I can’t imagine!

    The great thing though with French is that we share quite a lot of idiomatic expressions with the English tongue. Those must be pure nonsense to a Japanese guy.

    Russian is very hard too I can imagine. My grand-mother used to teach it :)

  8. Thanks for the compliment Louis. :-)

    Asian languages are hard of course, because we know nothing about them. We see drawings when we look at them.

    Russian is not that hard. Pronunciation and grammar are hard maybe. But it’s easy to understand, even if you’ve never saw Russian words in your life. Because the Russian alphabet seems “borrowed”, and there are letters that seem taken from the Greek and Latin languages. Maybe other languages, too. See for yourself:

    And I read those French idioms. I started laughing when I translated them to other languages in my head. :-D

  9. There is a new version of Contact Coldform available for download. The plugin has been updated to work properly with WordPress version 2.8.1. To download the plugin, hit the download link on the Coldform Homepage (you will see the new version number listed beneath the download link, 0.88.1). Note: translated versions of the plugin also have been updated and are available for download beneath the main download link. Thanks :)

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