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Facebook Not Letting Users Delete Their Own Comments

Here is video proof that Facebook is not letting people delete their own comments. The video shows me trying to delete two different comments, using three different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Watch the video and see for yourself. It’s been like this for at least several days now (not sure when it started). Very frustrating!


Approximately 30 minutes after posting this article, suddenly I can delete my own comments again on Facebook. I am sure it is a coincidence wink wink lol. Either way, I will leave this article up just in case anyone else experiences that 1 weird glitch where you can’t delete your own comments. Have fun.

Tip: To report a problem with FB, click the Question mark icon in the upper-right menu (viewing web page), then select “Report a problem”.

Can’t delete your own comments

Watch an MP4 video that demonstrates the FB “can’t delete comments” problem. Update: this issue was resolved 30 minutes after posting this article. So video removed to save bandwidth and resources.

Sorry for the poor production quality. I only have so much allotted free time to spend farting around and troubleshooting on Facebook. If you watch closely, however, you will see that clearly that something (probably just a weird bug) is preventing me from deleting my own comments. It’s been happening for several days now. I tend to delete FB crap frequently, because I am a thoughtful person who will go back and remove any weird comments or posts that I think are silly, low quality, or just some sort of rant/venting.

Also notice in the video: the comments that I am trying to delete DO NOT show up on my “Activity Log”, so impossible to try deleting from that location. I.e., the comments I am trying to delete were posted AFTER the latest post that shows in my Activity Log. So another/related weird Facebook problem/bug.

No more commenting on FB

So now looks like I can’t comment anymore on Facebook. Because there is nothing worse than wanting to delete some stupid comment and not being able to do it. Quite simply: there are better, funner things to do than sit around and wonder why Facebook isn’t working properly.

Facebook: this is either a bug, or shenanigans, or who knows maybe it’s some sort of new “feature” or something. I am hoping it’s just a bug. But either way, I won’t be commenting on your site until the issue is resolved and I can once again delete my own comments.

Take Home Message

Be super careful leaving comments and posting on Facebook. Unless you literally NEVER will need to delete anything (or don’t mind waiting indefinitely until some weird bug is fixed), best to play it safe and think carefully before sharing your thoughts while surfing around looking at other people’s goofy FB nonsense.

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15 responses to “Facebook Not Letting Users Delete Their Own Comments”

  1. Adam Robertson 2018/11/29 3:58 pmReply

    I thought it was a given that Facebook kept everything no matter what the user wishes. They also exploit any personal data to the fullest extent.

    Using Facebook is sort of crazy.

    • Jeff Starr 2018/11/30 10:37 am Reply

      I don’t know about keeping everything, although it certainly is possible.

      I only use FB for one thing: sharing/promoting my online work.

  2. I thought I have been going crazy because the exact same issue has been happening to me! I Googled it and your article popped up. I was on FB a few nights ago, typing something and all of a sudden it shut off and said FB was updating. Since then, I have noticed I am not allowed to delete posts I have made. Like you, I sometimes decide I no longer want a specific comment out there and so I will delete it. Another issue that happened all at the same time…one of my comments got deleted from a certain group and now I’m “temporarily banned” from commenting on any if the posts on that group until May 20th. It is the craziest thing. Because although I sometimes regret what I have said, I know I would not have said anything offensive enough to remove. Anyhow, I thought I’d share that I have had the exact same issue for several days now.

  3. My ability to delete my comments has been absent for weeks. It’s annoying because sometimes when I’m reading comments, I’ll try to respond to the post, but it’ll put my comment as a response to someone else’s comment if I’m not paying careful attention. In the past I’d just copy my comment and then delete it. Can’t do that anymore.

  4. I’ve submitted three different reports about this very issue with no response, let alone resolution. Facebook is a joke.

  5. Sky Henigan 2022/05/22 4:09 pmReply

    The same thing started happening to me yesterday.
    This is absolutely frustrating!
    Not just me but my friends as well.
    I definitely won’t be commenting on things now either.

  6. For ca. 2 days I cannot delete my own comments in FB app. This function doesn’t exist anymore. I can only edit my comment.

  7. There is one way to delete your own comment via the Facebook app, and that is to go to the Interactions section in your Activity Log and find the comment from the list there. Click on the three dots next to the comment, and select delete. There is also a filter feature in case you’re got whatever reason reading very old comments and found one you would like to delete. From the filter you can select year, month and day on a calender. You can choose a start date and an end date to create a time frame in which to search for a comment, however if you’re fairly certain of the exact day, you can of course put that as both the start and end date. It’s unnecessarily convoluted to have to do it this way, but at least it does allow you to still delete your own comments.

  8. Laura Smith 2022/05/25 5:10 amReply

    Same has been happening to my Facebook too. Can’t delete nor edit anything.

  9. “There is one way to delete your own comment via the Facebook app, and that is to go to the Interactions section in your Activity Log and find the comment from the list there.” Not necessarily. I had a comment I could not delete. I was informed I had reached a level of commenting that was now spam. I hadn’t made a comment in 12 hours, just was deleting. Deleting is not adding, so it should not be spam. I then went to the log, and tried that way … and I could delete some comments but not the one I wanted. I was shown there was an inquiry issue with the program.

  10. Lisa Mcauley 2022/06/04 12:02 pmReply

    This is happening to me now on the 4 June 2022 Facebook is a joke

  11. Same problem. Just started occuring recently. Might have to do with ‘ghostable’ accounts, where you’ve been flagged (sometimes unfairly) by *SO* many trolls, that you’re not allowed to be seen very often, AND you cannot remove your posts.

    This is probably to play ‘gotcha’, where whatever you type can ALWAYS be misconstrued, and act to troll you as long as you live.

    Be careful of typing ANYthing which might hurt a ‘Karen’. If you do, it might go viral, and your ‘invisible social karma’ will drop waaayyy below zero.

  12. Last year, I spent several hours a day for 2 weeks deleting every past comment I’ve ever made, only to have them all reappear several weeks later. FB is EVIL

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