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Comment Policy

Before you post a comment at Perishable Press, please take a moment to review the official comment policy. Here is a quick overview:

Comments on posts are open to everyone for 90 days*. Name and email required. Email kept private, never shared. The form accepts basic HTML. Line and paragraph breaks automatic. Please wrap any code with <code> tags. I reserve the right to edit/delete any comment. Please stay on topic and comment intelligently.

* Some posts leave comments open for longer periods of time or even indefinitely.

Commenting at Perishable Press

First, everyone has something to say, including people who disagree with your opinion. One of the purposes of this site is to provide an open forum where everyone is entitled to express their ideas. The goal is to encourage new ways of thinking by listening to the thoughts of others. If your goal is merely to argue and rant about some particular issue, please unload yourself somewhere else. If, on the other hand, you are genuinely interested in exploring the topic at hand with openness and honesty, then by all means, get involved. We are all looking forward to hearing your opinions and learning from your ideas.

As for the fine print, there are a few additional points, encompassing several technical and administrative aspects of the commenting process.

Technical Stuff

Here are some important things to understand regarding required fields, privacy, spam, and including HTML/markup in comments.

Required: Name

First of all, use your real name or nickname, not a site name or business name. Using a site name or business name is a good way to get your link or comment flagged as “spam” and removed permanently.

Required: Email

Technically, commentators must provide a valid email address. All email addresses will be kept completely private and never will be shared with anyone. Check out the official Privacy Policy for more information. I may send you an email once in awhile, but only when there is good reason to do so.

Optional: Website URL

Each comment author may provide an optional website URL. If you specify a URL for your comment, your name will be linked to it. If you do not provide a website URL, your name will be displayed in text only.

Including HTML in comments

Here are the rules concerning including HTML in your comments:

  • Comments may include basic HTML (e.g., <em>, <strong>, <a>, etc.)
  • Any line breaks will be retained
  • Paragraph tags are added automatically
  • Wrap single-line code snippets with code tags: <code>
  • Wrap multiple-line code snippets with pre and code tags: <pre><code>
  • Don’t escape characters (e.g., don’t add backslashes before quotes)
  • Don’t encode characters (e.g., don’t replace > with >)
  • Any email address or URL that you include in the comment will be linked automatically

Comment moderation

To help fight spam, all comments are moderated. If your comment does not appear after 48 hours, please let me know.

Administrative Stuff

Administratively, any comment left at Perishable Press may be reproduced in any available medium without limit or compensation.

Eventually, I intend to publish a book based on the content produced and/or presented here at Perishable Press. Any featured comments will give credit to the original commentator, based on the author name that is provided with the comment. Likewise, if a website has been associated with the author’s name, it too will be attributed to the comment.


Comments left at Perishable Press are subject to editing and/or removal at my discretion, although I try to refrain from doing this as much as possible. Frequently, comments will be edited for formatting purposes (like with code), or when the author has requested modification.


All comments are the opinions of their respective commentators. I am in no way responsible for the content of comments left by others here at Perishable Press. If there is something you disagree with, feel free to report it.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact me.

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