December 2002

it has been fire for two months at least
and now it is time to rebirth into a new creation.
who will i be this time and what about the
universal consequences?
i need to know these things before I return.
after that, it’s ibuprofen.

for now, i will draw and paint and mix my music.
i will work and play and breathe and smile.

it’s a different kind of blue..

seriousness in art and not seriousness in art.
be inside and see outside

focus or die.
fast or slow
reap what is sown
reap what is sown
reap what is sown

disown and involve
vision, interest

and maintain a steady diet of nothing…

shout with balance and fear the Lord
in time, this too will pass.

friends and enemies
dry and wet
and sand and sky
metroid colony.

business never personal until
reset switch and rerun now
see again and sink beneath
the consumer tendency.

the consumer tendency

past low clouds pour into bottom
past advance

i threw wet towels on the fire for three
miserable days
but yet the comfort falls
into cold looks and stirring
minds — unease, everywhere!

so again i weild the sound
of alien landscapes flying
utter softly whisper sound

utter softly whisper sounds
contemplate a rising.