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Book Giveaway: Print Version of Digging into WordPress

[ Digging into WordPress ] I have a free print version of Digging into WordPress to give away to one lucky winner. To qualify for the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post stating your absolute favorite thing about WordPress. The winner will receive a free printed copy of DiW shipped to their door, plus a lifetime subscription to the PDF version of the book. I will announce the randomly chosen winner next week. – Good luck! :)

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124 responses to “Book Giveaway: Print Version of Digging into WordPress”

  1. WordPress is simple, powerful and has a great community behind it.

  2. Alex Toth 2010/01/07 1:07 pm

    My absolute favorite thing about WordPress is the fact that, perhaps unintentionally, documents the human experience from countless perspectives.

  3. my favorite thing about WordPress, is the whole thing.
    I’ve tried Drupal, Joomla and used Blogspot, but none of them compare to the power, usability and grace of wordpress.

  4. My favorite thing about WordPress is it is so exstandible and yet foreseeable. The usability is enormous, even for a newbee, and your skills grews easily while your’e learning to manage the platform. It works with grace and – not to forget – WordPress connects people all over the world. THAT’s a colossal feeling ;)

  5. WP is just a great blogging platform that allows you to be creative and individual- something essential in a globalised world of today! ..Its fantastic range of plugins , themes, support help forums, and tutorials make it the no1 platform for blogging and CMS …. and winning a book would just make it even better … good luck everyone!!

  6. Zach Younkin 2010/01/07 8:27 pm

    I absolutely love the openness that WordPress allows me to have!

  7. Marko Randjelovic 2010/01/08 5:08 am

    I’d have to go with flexibility as my absolute favorite thing. I just love the freedom I have while designing themes: being able to place everything where I want it, using callback functions that won’t get overwritten by a WordPress update, using one of the gazillion plug-ins already available or writing a new one… I think you get the idea. ;)
    Thanks for organizing the contest! :D

  8. Be able to shape it to whatever you want it to be. May it be design or code. That is my absolute favorite thing about WordPress.

  9. My favorite thing about wordpress is all of the support from the community of users.

  10. Random_dude 2010/01/08 3:21 pm

    my favorite thing about wordpress is the theming system. its so flexible, and useful.
    at the moment im actually creating a wordpress theme, and i need the experties from this book!!!!

  11. Tutorial City 2010/01/08 4:02 pm

    The community is the greatest thing about wordpress!

  12. My favourite thing about WordPress is that it allows its users to create great looking websites that can be edited easily and it also allows users to develop themes for there websites to allow them to add a personal uniqueness to them. WP also has an awesome community which allows the platform and also the users to flourish.

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