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Book Giveaway: Print Version of Digging into WordPress

[ Digging into WordPress ] I have a free print version of Digging into WordPress to give away to one lucky winner. To qualify for the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post stating your absolute favorite thing about WordPress. The winner will receive a free printed copy of DiW shipped to their door, plus a lifetime subscription to the PDF version of the book. I will announce the randomly chosen winner next week. – Good luck! :)

Jeff Starr
About the Author Jeff Starr = Creative thinker. Passionate about free and open Web.
124 responses
  1. My absolute favorite things about WordPress is the abundance of manual, help and community, i didn’t start with the wrong foot learning how to blog & web development trough WordPress.

  2. My absolute favorite thing about WordPress is the community.These days,anyone who want to become a wordpress developer may do this over night.The internet has so many manuals,tutorials and stuffs about everything:install,use,edit,develop,etc,etc,etc.

  3. My favorite thing about WordPress the ability to create a plugin for a client that will save them many man hours.

  4. Navjot Singh January 10, 2010 @ 1:04 am

    The one thing I like about WordPress is that I can use it for making any type of site I want – blog, static site, photo gallery, video gallery, classified site or even a job board.

    WP’s Core gives you endless possibilities to expand and customise it your needs everytime without even hacking a single line of the core. And on top of it the community support where you never feel alone when tinkering with your wordpress site.

    Nothing can beat WordPress as a CMS.

  5. I love WordPress because it allows me to concentrate on design to make beautiful sites. While I hope to dive into theme development ultimately, I can look at a template, determine if it has the scaffolding I desire to add my elements to and have the skeleton done in no time, while being compliant, efficient, and keeping the code level down (thus keeping the Internet cleaned up and efficient too!). WordPress allows the creation of beautiful websites that are full of function and follow a fairly set group of rules. As its use grows, the Internet will become more efficient and less cluttered and confused. (Can you imagine that???) Hurray for WordPress!

  6. John Hoff - WP Blog Host January 10, 2010 @ 9:33 am

    I suppose my favorite thing about WordPress is that it has expanded my knowledge in the computing and Internet world.

    I knew a lot already, but using WordPress has in many ways forced me to push my own limits. I like that.

  7. It’s just so damn enjoyable to use! It’s absolutely exhilerating to build a wordpress site after slogging through something on Drupal (or any other less elegant cms).

    I should note that I use Dean J Robinson’s Fluency Admin, a stylish admin theme, and the first thing I install every time. It really elevates the administrative side of things for me.

  8. Talton Figgins January 10, 2010 @ 10:45 am

    WordPress is striving to tear down the stigma that it is hard to operate and manage a dynamic website. As a developer I can now produce robust websites that are easy to hand off to clients to update. No other open source CMS out there does this and this methodology is what I feel makes WordPress truly powerful. They’ve gotten this way by listening to their awesome community and I think this type of thinking is what will propel them into the future as the leading, easy to operate CMS for most of the websites out there. More websites, more knowledge, more ideas. This can only be a good thing.

  9. Why I love WordPress…
    wordpress is just like water, whereever it is it takes that shape..

    We can customize it!
    Next, the community, wide range of plugins, lot of tuts, and I’m loving as a newbie i like it very much…

    And also i like this book very much…
    hey pick me as a winner :D

    thnks for the giveaways… ;)

  10. Patrice Poliquin January 10, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

    WordPress is the best because it is just SIMPLE et EFFECTIVE :)

  11. How about the fact that I really got started with the self-hosting version a few weeks ago, and I’m already customizing the site, tweaking the themes, and more to my satisfaction?

    I like that bit.

  12. I am brand new to WordPress. I have trying to learn DreamWeaver but the absolute best thing I love about WordPress is that it is user friendly. I look forward to developing a dynamite web page with a blog.
    I have the .pdf version of your book and I love it but should have also bought the print version. My daughter is fighting me for computer time. Thanks for a great book!

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