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Why Can’t I Log IN to My LinkedIn Account?

[ Can’t Log IN to LinkedIn ] This is great. A couple of weeks ago I twittered that I had canceled my LinkedIn account. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that my original account signup information was no longer valid and the LinkedIn support staff was unable to even locate my account, let alone reset my password or provide login access. I know the account was there, but no matter what I tried I could not login. So, without being able to update my information, my only choice was to delete the account and start over1.

The following week, I was finally able to setup my new account. Everything went very well, and I managed to send out LinkedIn networking invitations to quite a few people on either my Monzilla Media or Perishable Press email/contact lists2. After a successful round of building up my network, I signed off for the week and returned to my regular “offline” job as a Lab Tech.

Can’t log IN!

And that brings us to today. Upon returning to the computer this morning, I decided to login and check my LinkedIn account. Here’s the message I received after using the exact same email and password from several days ago:

The email address or password you provided does not match our records.

Very frustrating to say the least. Fortunately, the entire registration process was still fresh in my memory. During the LinkedIn account setup process, there is a registration progress-meter that says 50%, 75%, 85%, and so on until you have furnished all of the required information. At some point along the way, LinkedIn asks for additional or alternate email addresses3 in order to network with even more people:

Adding an email address is useful if you expect to be invited to connect at more than one address. We recommend that you add both a personal and work email address.

Yeah right. The problem is that, somewhere along the way, my primary email address — the one that I used during initial signup — was replaced with the secondary email address that was added while furnishing additional information. At no time during the process was this change made known to me, and I am assuming that it might have something to do with the hotmail address that I chose as my primary/login address.

In my opinion, LinkedIn should not be meddling with the user-defined email address that was chosen during the registration process, but rather leave any changes regarding login credentials entirely up to the individual. Such policy would save time, energy and money while eliminating frustration, confusion, and unnecessary duplicate accounts.

Moral of the story?

If you find yourself unable to login to your LinkedIn account using your original registration information, chances are high that LinkedIn decided to switch your primary email address to one of your alternate/additional email addresses. Thus, if you can remember which secondary addresses you added after registration, try using one of them (along with your original password) to login to your account. Fortunately, the second time around, I was able to remember my secondary address and use it to gain access.


  • 1 This is why some of you recently received another request to network with me on LinkedIn.
  • 2 Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!
  • 3 For those of you who are planning on signing up with LinkedIn, remember to save any alternate/secondary email addresses added to your account.

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15 responses to “Why Can’t I Log IN to My LinkedIn Account?”

  1. Sajit Viswan 2009/12/12 12:06 pm

    There seems to be a problem with the Linkedin site. It seems to have disappeared of the internet.

  2. Jeff Starr 2009/12/12 7:41 pm

    Seriously? It’s loading fine for me @ http://www.linkedin.com/

  3. try to reset password
    use only ‘true’ symbols in new password (without special symbols)

  4. about 90% of the times I tried to enter linkedin site, DNS does not respond

  5. Justin Haynes 2010/09/11 2:09 pm

    Thanks. I’ve had a similar problem more than once, but I’m not quite sure what is happening. Not knowing what would be effective after I could have sworn I had already changed my password, I logged out of the firefox yoono application (http://www.yoono.com), and out of my session. Then I asked for a password reset for all three email addresses. I received a reset link for two of them I believe.

    At any rate, I am having the same problem once again. I’ll be taking better notes this time. Thanks for writing about your experiences as at least I know I am not the only one who experiences these problems.

  6. sanches.free 2010/10/07 6:51 pm

    I have problem with login — when registrate, i’m use password longer, then 16 characters, but they use only first 16 characters :-/ now recovery password with length < 16 chars, and all work fine!

  7. Günter Otto Werk 2010/12/14 2:51 am

    Hallo Jeff !

    My matter is extraordinary. 86 of age I am almost lost without webmaster.

    However, Linkedin invited me three times – out of unknown sources.

    I reject.

    However I like to know where I can file my several websites (encl.above before they will vanish for ever if I am unable to pay my provieder.

    I hope you will spent a few minutes to give me an answer. Thanks!

    Günter Otto Werk

  8. Günter Otto Werk 2010/12/21 4:11 am

    Dear orina nissenbaum,

    thanks for your reminder 21.12.10 10:22.
    Still I like to know where did you dig out my E-Mail and why is Linkedin interested for the membership of a “86 grufti”.

    Various internmet sites offer so many opportunitis for nothing.

    However I believe “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING”.

    I wonder if I ever will receive a very personal reply.

    Günter Otto Werk

  9. Eric Grejda 2011/01/05 10:03 am

    It’s interesting that you posted about this.. in the past few days I’ve gotten multiple invites from a few people on LinkedIn, and then was suddenly locked out. The problem is, they all went to different e-mail addresses so it’s something of a crapshoot figuring out which one it is. I still haven’t gotten back into my account but I’m going to try the method you outlined and see what happens.

    For what it’s worth I still get periodic LinkedIn updates to the primary e-mail address I use for the site, so I’m inclined to think it’s an authentication credential screwup rather than a contact address screwup.

    I wish that LinkedIn wouldn’t pull crap like this – changing things under your users’ noses is poor form, and when it gets in their way (like keeping them from logging in) it causes ill will and people to migrate away.

  10. Steven Stanley Bayes 2011/02/28 4:13 pm

    I have been having problem with logging in to LinkedIn for years from many different computers in many different countries inclusive the fastest Internet connection in North America with the greatest PC’s of this time.

    I still cannot solve the problem. I have deleted the account on LinkedIn but was forced to make another one by the circumstances. I did. I was unable to log in. I tried many times and was in a lengthy discussion with the above company. Finally, I managed to log in only once. Then I was unable.

    Changing password did not work. Even when the password and the email were verified by the staff of LinkedIn, still didn’t work. Only once out of many attempts.

    Some web sites suggest changing the MTU settings of the connection by using DrTCP software.

  11. Fionnuala McKenna 2011/08/08 3:41 am

    Hi Jeff Was delighted when I saw your ‘not able to log in’ post, I too am not able to log in at any time, despite receiving requests from other LinkedIn members to contact them. I don’t have a secondary email address so I am rather frustrated with the whole thing, especially as I was just beginning to use the service. Is it possible to contact LinkedIn at all and report this error to my account. Any information would be much appreciated . Thanks fionnuala

  12. Hi Fionnuala, as far as I know, it’s possible to contact LinkedIn either thru your account or via this form:


    I hope it helps – good luck!

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