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[ Delicious? ] What happened to I logged in today after a week or so and everything is gone. Well okay, not everything, but somehow many features have completely disappeared. After scouring as many options and settings as I could find, there seems to be some serious problems at the new

Here are a few examples of what you can no longer do at Delicious:

  • View all of your tags – only a small subset of your tags is available.
  • View all links for each tag – only 10 links are available for each tag.
  • Use your tag bundles – remember all those awesome tag bundles? Gone.
  • Customize bookmark settings – no longer possible to show list of views.
  • Organize anything – no longer possible to organize tags or anything else.

Just some random thoughts about all of this nonsense. First of all, it’s nonsense. This is a perfect example of why I refrain from using as many 3rd-party services as possible. It’s not the website’s fault for removing major functionality. Somehow, somewhere, someone thinks it’s a good idea to remove bundles, delete tags and disable navigation. I started using Delicious back when it was spelled “” and before Yahoo swallowed it up into the abyss. Things weren’t great with Yahoo, but at least they kept things usable.

So now that Yahoo is finished doing nothing with Delicious, they’ve sold it to the founders of YouTube, who now seem determined to make the site less usable and more like every other overly simplified social-media site. I sincerely hope that the current Delicious interface/design is an alpha or beta version or something, because it’s really bad to straight-up dump all of the functionality that made the site usable and halfway enjoyable in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong – I ruv Delicious and have been using the service for years now. I think I have like 2824 links bookmarked already, and would love to add a bunch more in the years to come. But I absolutely will drop Delicious like a bad habit if at least basic-level functionality is not restored.

If you know anything about the new changes such as how to view all bookmarks for a given tag, please leave a comment!

Jeff Starr
About the Author Jeff Starr = Fullstack Developer. Book Author. Teacher. Human Being.
42 responses
  1. I’m giving for the secong time this year a seminar on web 2.0 and one of the issues was creating a Delicious acounts among the group. On May it was perfect, we tagged, bookmarked and bundled happily, but now we cannot do the same.
    I want to recover the bundeling possibility, Delicious people, please!!

  2. Lewis Dexter Litanzios March 27, 2012 @ 9:20 pm

    Moved to today – no regrets so far (also trying out ).

  3. Laurensis June 29, 2012 @ 5:35 am

    Bye NOTdelicious

  4. The new changes to Delicious suck big time. I cannot find most of the links I had previously saved in Stacks, and nothing that Delicious says on its site helps me in locating anything. Even their rationale for making these absurd changes make no sense. If I am not able to locate items posted in my Stacks, I have no use for Delicious at all. I’m closing my account.

  5. I logged into delicious recently and found that stacks have disappeared and the old dear bundles are available again. I don’t know if you still mean to use this service, but maybe now you have a chance to save them.

  6. new delicious is TERRIBLE
    I spent so much time organizing my bookmarks, which I have over thousand. However, that site is unusable to me anymore- What they did is very irresponsible. I can’t find very important stuff there. I wish I couold sue them. Now I am going to export all my bookmarks to Digo and spend thousands of hours organizing them. I hope Digo will not disappoint me like Delicious. Never using Delicious anyomore.

  7. If there are changes to happen, a serious service would let users know in advance.
    I logged into delicious one day and found that stacks have disappeared and I spent so much time organising them.
    How annoying and disappointing!!

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