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Take Good Care of the Puppy

Of all the bizarre, nonsensical, and pointless spam we have received so far this year, this one takes the cake. It was delivered to our designated spam account earlier this month as a plain-text email, which opens with an explanation.

Apparently, “Bob Diamond” is “an Hiring Manager” looking to advertise a couple of important items. The first ad seems remotely realistic, but the second ad.. it’s like, “teddy bear features” out of nowhere — you can’t be serious.

Also worth mentioning, the triple signature effect — Bob signs his name not once or twice, but three times. Check it out..


I introduce myself as Bob Diamond an Hiring Manager for Costa Coffee Ltd, I am pleased to post a Job Vacancy with your advertising agency, also would like to place an advert for my adorable pup which is up for sale. The 2 Adverts are as follow:

Job Advert 1:
Subject: Job Offer That wont Affect your Present Job.
Content: Costa Coffee. Exporter of Cocoa.

We at Costa Coffee Ltd. Coffee producing company – looking for a representative to represent the company. We are currently recruiting, If you are interested in working Part time from Home without affecting your current Job.

Warmest Regards,
Hiring Manager
Bob Diamond Esq

Puppy Advert 2:
Subject: Adorable AKC English Female Bull Dog & FemaleTeacup Yorkie puppy Ready to go to there new home.
Content: Female Bull dog Puppy AKC registered

My pups have the teddy bear features, button nose great facial _expression,erect ears, They are very playful and built solid as a rock, There body type is just perfectly squared up and cobby. They are a great eater. Many of you Puppies lover have been waiting for this quality of Bulldog’s and Yorkie to come your way but have not found them yet. My puppies are very much okay and also love to play with kids & other pets , my puppies ages 9 weeks old and 1.6 tall shot completed as well and also they wil be coming with all their documents. I am just looking for someone who can take good care of the puppy, so i will like you to get back to me with your nearest airport and also promise me you will take good care of the puppy. Specify which breed you are needing and how many i have 2 Female Bull Dog and 3 Male Bull Dog left, as for the Yorkies i have 4 females left and 2 Males. They come with Crates and Pedigrees. My Puppies range between $650-$800 which already includes shipping within the Continental US. You can Contact me Via Email {bob_diamond[…]}

Warmest Regards,
Bob Diamond

Pls let me know the advert cost for the both AD to run for 4weeks which is 1month, in newspapers and online, I would be glad to send you my credit card details for you to bill me on. I look forward to read an email from you soon as possible.

Pls send me a response to my email address below. (costa[…]
Bob Diamond

Thanks, Bob, that’s some fabulous stuff.

Jeff Starr
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Jeff Starr = Creative thinker. Passionate about free and open Web.
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5 responses to “Take Good Care of the Puppy”

  1. Oh, as you speak of spam ! There’s a wonderful Contact Form Plugin – Askimet Edition on

    I think it’s really worth it trying it.

  2. Thanks, oakleaf, that looks very promising. As soon as spam sent through my contact form becomes a problem (which hopefully will never happen), I will definitely drop in and check it out. Cheers!

  3. mira pharoan 2007/09/14 10:45 pm

    this website is so ugly f*ck u !!!!!!!!! My god this is damn ugly!!!!!!!!!

  4. woh, that guy drinks too much coffee…

  5. Perishable 2007/09/15 8:41 am

    lol – no doubt.. Bob, is that you?

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