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Perishable Domains 2005

Here is a quick overview of my growing collection of websites, as of November 20051. All sites designed, developed, and maintained by Jeff Starr aka Perishable @ Monzilla Media.

Update: This was posted a long time ago. Most of these sites now are offline. To see a more updated portfolio, check out my business site, Monzilla Media.

art{space} magazine

[ art{space} magazine ] art{space} magazine online investigates the internal and external environments of artists and other creatives. Articles focus on artists’ objective and subjective creative environments while exploring the dynamic interaction between them. Many art{space} articles are also featured in the Northwest art zine, Dead Letter Art. If there is a website for esoteric ramblings, surely this is it.

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[ ] Professor Klotz is our resident philosopher. August reads many books, consults the 0racle, and psychoanalyzes his friends and family. A regular guy who is normal and plain, August is a lifelong student of God’s Holy Word, and is producing an online repository of verses, articles, and criticisms. is a resource whereby the study of the Bible is documented and made availble for future reference.

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Dead Letter Art

[ Dead Letter Art ] Dead Letter Art is an esoteric, underground collective of Northwest artists and chillers. The DLa collective is a highly creative and versatile operation, producing myriad chunks, art, and general mayhem. Recently redesigned, features online summaries of every issue of the semi-regular, self-titled DLa zine. Further, the site features news articles, special projects, and exclusive galleries.

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[ design_netwerk ] The design_netwerk began as an overwhelming collection of browser "bookmarks" referencing a growing number of graphic design websites. Now, the design_netwerk has evolved into a dynamic library of graphic-design, website-design, and multimedia-design resources. Further, every site featured at design_netwerk is personally reviewed for quality, usability, and general awesomeness.

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F-Disk Media, CEI

[ F-Disk Media, CEI ] F-Disk Media, CEI (Creative Enterprises Incorporated) serves the legal, financial, and organizational needs of independent artists, writers, and producers. Offering assistance through anonymous resources, F-Disk Media protects and supports creative individuals and small businesses, enabling them to thrive and prosper in the perpetually evolving business environment.

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[ JJJStarr ] The website is the personal site of Jeff & Jennifer Starr. It features family photos and lots more photos of just the kids. Plus there are some videos and messages for family and friends. Update: family site now offline; currently contains no content. This site currently is private, and requires a password for access. The site is listed here to provide a complete reference.

Screenshot not available

Monzilla Media

[ Monzilla Media ] Monzilla Media is a website and graphic design company that serves customers crisp, clean websites and graphics. Monzilla Media specializes in providing sophisticated, user-friendly sites with attention to detail and focus on standards, usability, and accessibility. Over the years, Monzilla Media has seen many designs, check out the latest at

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[ ] is a multimedia showcase of Perishable creativity, featuring everything from custom artwork and digital photography to audio exploration and video production. Whereas Perishable Press provides news, articles, and commentary concerning the Perishable universe, presents the myriad multimedia creations of Perishable and his anonymous band of imaginary friends.

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Perishable Press

[ Perishable Press ] Perishable Press is an online resource for digital designers, graphic artists, and multimedia producers. The site explores creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression — digital dialogue and critical analysis. Perishable Press features in-depth tutorials and valuable reference material for website developers, security buffs, digital photographers, and esoteric philosophers. Further, Perishable Press is a virtual library and staging point for every Perishable project.

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1 The following websites were discontinued in late 2005:

  • Perishable Media — Experimental multimedia adventures
  • PrimeCut Design — Changed biz name to Monzilla Media
  • PrimeCut Domains — Domain name hosting experiment
  • Coffee Talk Forum — Great lil’ site that suffered from lack of use
  • ArtBoots & ArtBootz — What was I thinking buying these domains
  • — Not enough time for this project

For a current portfolio of sites and projects, check out Monzilla Media »

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