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Dead Letter Art

[ “The Head” ] Dead Letter Art represents the creative exploits of several Northwest chillers. Their collective history is rich and reaches back almost two decades. For several years during the turn of the millennium, the DLa artists collaborated and published over twenty issues of their infamous zine, Dead Letter Art. Somehow, time has once again brought great distance between the members of DLa, and only time will tell if Dead Letter Art will truly rest in peace.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to ponder the current happenings related to those once involved with DLa. So, in the interest of future business, here are some current DLa statistics:

  • Current DLa Status: Dead.
  • Current DLa Issue: Collabz 2, August 2013 (Complete)
  • Current DLa Website: Website offline September 2012
  • Current DLa Project: None.

DLa Member News:

What are the DLa peeps up to these days?

Alive & well — presumably enjoying life in Portland, filling sketchbooks, pimping photos, and enjoying his family.
Regaining focus through faith in Christ. Also working on various projects, mostly online (for now).
Rumored to be slaving his life away as a maintenance technician. Most likely dabbling in the creative realm, snapping photos, drawing pictures, and painting rocks.
Last seen pwning the small town of Moses Lake, WA — Driving taxi and appearing in court. Chances of seeing some new BHBW art in your lifetime: slim to none.
News from the West — whispers of a nameless fear… well okay, maybe not — but his new website is super stylin’ — check it out.
Sui Lan
Last seen over a year ago online at her Y Design graphic design website,, which unfortunately is no longer available.
Freshly exhumed, this hellish Hard Rock Zombie plays himself in the short film, Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day.

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Jeff Starr
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5 responses to “Dead Letter Art”

  1. Jeff Starr
    Perishable 2006/02/13 3:16 pm

    Dead Letter Art is not dead!

  2. hello. it is fri. and i am sitting at my work computer trying to figure out what i am doing this sat./sun. doin’ some aut and/or jammz would be fine. driving to ritzville to have some coffee and aut at perkins would be nice. i start another class next week…appreciation of music…so that should be fun. i have to send thanes care package out which is late because i had to travel to st. luis for a few days and everything stopped me from sending it prior. yes/no, inc. out.

  3. i love this thing. how can i drop in a pic or other digiatal m.e.d.i.a.?

  4. Jeff Starr
    Jeff Starr 2009/06/20 5:03 am


    “This is an unexpected pleasure — we are honored by your presence..” :)

    Actually, you can’t upload anything directly to this site (that’s what the DLa site is for), but you can post multimedia content on any other site and link to it from here..


  5. Jeff Starr
    Jeff Starr 2009/06/20 5:19 am

    Oh! Dude, just now saw your other comment — wow, two comments in one day.. you really know how to make a guy feel good! Ritzchill sounds cool, but I had my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday and am still pretty much out of it.. lots of good medz, but i am quite zonked out because of ’em. Like Zonks Mason cold tapping away, only on the keyboard instead of drums..

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