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Important Notice for Email Subscribers

Whoops! I spaced off sending this before July, so figured better late than never :)

Hello! As you may have heard, Google/Feedburner is dropping support for their “Subscribe via Email” feature. This free service grabs the latest content from a site’s RSS feed and delivers it via email to a list of subscribers. So whenever a new post is published here at Perishable Press, Feedburner delivers an HTML-formatted copy direct your inbox. The subscribe-via-email service has been available for years now, so it’s kinda sad to see it go.

What this means for you?

If you are not subscribing to Perishable Press posts via email, then you can stop reading here. If you are subscribing to posts via email, then you have some choices. Google Feedburner is dropping support for email subscriptions in July 2021. After that date, email subscribers will no longer receive Perishable Press content delivered via email. But no problem, there are other ways to stay current:

The RSS feed is the recommended way to go, as it delivers new posts in near real time. If you are looking for an excellent feed reader, check out Reeder (macOS), Feedly (Windows), or Fluent Reader (Linux). Lots of great apps out there.

The Newsletter is more like a digest. It’s delivered via email only a few times per year and summarizes any new posts published since the previous newsletter. The newsletter also includes bonus tips, news, and special events, and other goodies.

RSS Feed Options: For more feed options, check out the “stay current” section on the menu page. There you can grab specific feeds for “all posts”, “all comments”, “WordPress only”, and more.

Take-home message

After July this year, email subscriptions (for posts) will stop. If you want to stay current with Perishable Press, you can subscribe to posts via RSS feed, or you can subscribe to the less frequent email newsletter. Either way, thank you for being a valued reader :)

Jeff Starr
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One response to “Important Notice for Email Subscribers”

  1. Jim S Smith 2021/12/31 9:20 am


    It seems to me that more folks are trying to kill off “RSS”. What a shame!


    Mozilla FireFox stopped displaying XML-based RSS feeds properly about a year or two ago. When I went to their developer’s site, they stated that they were no longer supporting RSS in-browser.


    I ended up finding a good example of an RSS-renderer in PHP, and adapted it to my own uses. It grabs RSS feeds from a list of URLs in a text-file “database” and formats the entries into proper HTML5. Thereby, “working around” Mozilla’s XML-incompatibility.

    May also notice that FireFox no longer properly displays the XML output from “wp-json” (REST API) either.

    – J.S.Smith

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