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Head Meta Data

[ Head Meta Data ] Head Meta Data (previously known as Head MetaData Plus) adds a complete set of <meta> tags to the <head> section of all posts and pages on your site. Including meta information about your site is a great way to refine definition, enhance branding, and improve the semantic quality of your pages.


The Head MetaData Plus plugin is designed to complete a site’s head construct by including a choice set of <meta> tags, such as “author” and “copyright.” As a matter of practicality, the more widely used tags such as “description” and “keywords” have been omitted, as they are already present at most WordPress-powered sites. The metadata output via this plugin applies to the entire site.

[ Head Meta Data: Settings Page ]
View of the settings page (panels toggled closed)


  • Plug-n-play functionality
  • Born of simplicity, no frills
  • Easy to configure from the WP Admin
  • Adds complete set of meta tags to <head> section of posts and pages
  • Customize each <meta> tag with your own info
  • Adds any custom text/markup to <head> section of posts and pages
  • Customize additional content with any text/markup
  • Disable any field by leaving it blank
  • Auto-generates known information from your site
  • Choose HTML or XHTML format for meta tags
  • Enable/disable plugin output from the settings page
  • Includes live preview of your meta tags and custom content
  • Option to reset default settings


Here is an example of the output generated by Head Meta Data:

	<meta name="abstract" content="Obsessive Web & Graphic Design.">
	<meta name="author" content="Perishable">
	<meta name="classification" content="Website Design">
	<meta name="copyright" content="Copyright Perishable Press - All rights Reserved.">
	<meta name="designer" content="Monzilla Media">
	<meta name="language" content="EN-US">
	<meta name="publisher" content="Perishable Press">
	<meta name="rating" content="General">
	<meta name="resource-type" content="Document">
	<meta name="revisit-after" content="3">
	<meta name="subject" content="WordPress, Web Design, Code & Tutorials">
	<meta name="template" content="Volume Theme">


Typical plugin install: upload, activate, and customize in the WP Admin. Visit the “Head Meta Data” settings page for more information.


To upgrade Head Meta Data, remove old version and replace with new version. Nothing else needs done.


Here are some screenshots of Head Meta Data in action:


Download Head Meta Data from the WP Plugin Directory:

Jeff Starr
About the Author
Jeff Starr = Creative thinker. Passionate about free and open Web.
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7 responses to “Head Meta Data”

  1. Avatar photo
    Fleuretta 2007/07/29 6:06 am


    I’m from Quebec city and my english is not well.

    I have load your script and the accent on the letter write ?. I have try to write like this é but when I look the code source I see &eacute.

    How can correct this?

    Thank you and excuse my english.

  2. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2007/07/29 3:51 pm

    Using é for an é should work.. ( notice the closing ";" )

  3. Avatar photo

    First, thanks for you hard work on this plugin. I have a question though. Do we have to remove the empty meta tag for Keyword and Description. I still seee them there.

    and the new keyword and description tag.


  4. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2007/08/19 7:10 pm

    Hi Jenny,
    I am glad you find the plugin useful. If you are using another plugin that generates meta tags, and you are finding multiple instances of, say, the meta description tag, simply open the plugin file, find the meta tag in question, and delete the line entirely. If, on the other hand, you are seeing duplicate tags that are not from another plugin, check the header.php file from your current theme’s template. There, you should see the various meta elements it is displaying. Find the ones that are being duplicated and delete them. I hope this is clear. You are correct in that only one set of meta tags should be displayed for any given page. Duplicates (or empty tags) will invalidate the page. I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you would like further assistance.

  5. thx for your very useful plugin! easy seo for wordpress

  6. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2007/12/10 4:19 pm

    Yes, thank you, Manele — I am glad you enjoy the plugin ;)

  7. I agree with anna. This plugin very useful for me to seo my website. Thanks you very much!

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