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Dazzle, Marvel and Wonder

[ Dazzle Screensaver Screenshot ] One of our favorite command-line screensavers, DAZZLE is a two-dimensional kaleidoscopic program featuring a timeless display of perpetually evolving psychedelic viewscapes. Users may interactively manipulate over thirty image-creation algorithms, or set the program to automatically generate hours of dynamically morphing displays of colorful patterns and geometrically complex graphics.

…the best kaleidoscope program we’ve seen yet. The beautiful use of colors, enhanced even further by the use of fading in and out, is, for want of a better word, awesome. — PsL News (713-524-6394)

The DAZZLE screensaver features a wide variety of custom configuration options, and includes complete documentation covering every aspect of the program. Best of all, DAZZLE requires a mere 275KB of memory to operate, and runs properly on virtually any computer in use today (view requirements).

Installation and Use

To install DAZZLE, simply download the file, DAZZLE.EXE, and save it to your favorite directory. Create a shortcut to the file and place it in a convenient location (start bar, quick launch, etc.). To run the program and enjoy the screensaver, simply double-click the shortcut (or the file itself). For advanced options, or to customize the many configuration settings, run the program via command line and implement any of the following commands, or create a batch file (.bat) configured accordingly:

  • Syntax: DAZZLE -options /options inputfile
  • -~ = Show more command line options
  • -2 = 2 part palette update to fix flickering screens (slower)
  • -a = ALTERNATE (faster) color cycling speed
  • -b = Bashful, no closing credits
  • -c = COMPATIBLE mode, use BIOS for better portability
  • -i = Insecure, no antiviral checking
  • -m = MAD (fastest) color cycling speed
  • -n = NO retract of hard disk heads
  • -q = Quiet, no tones (no effect on beeps)
  • -s = SHOW mode, quick single image
  • -w = Window environment, changes some defaults
  • -x = XT compatible, inferior but works
  • -z = Create DAZZLE.DOC file on current disk path
  • -e = EGA operation mode forced
  • -h = Hide EGA border
  • -k = Keyboard typematic unchanged
  • -t = TALL video aspect ratio mode
  • -v = VGA operation mode forced
  • -? = Displays this menu

Additionally, you may control the color cycling speed by pressing the + and - keys while the program is running. Here is a list of additional commands issued during operation:

  • +/- = Controls color cycling speed
  • Tab Key = Freeze the display
  • Spacebar = Resume the display
  • F1 key = Activates help file
  • F2 key = Provides configuration menu
  • Esc key = Terminates the program

Download DAZZLE

Editor’s Note: This program has been circulating around the internet for over TWENTY years. We provide it here for your convenience, however, we are in no way responsible for its use or distribution after it leaves the Perishable Press website (view license information). With that in mind, feel free to download DAZZLE and enjoy!

Download DazzleVersion 1.0 ( 142.65 KB ZIP )

System Requirements

  • Any PC/XT/AT computer, color EGA or VGA, MSDOS 2.x or better
  • Windows2.x and Windows3.x or better
  • DAZZLE uses about 275KB of memory

Distribution Information

Directly quoted from the DAZZLE User’s Manual (circa 1991):

“The shareware author [MicroTronics] specifically grants the right to copy and distribute the software to all, except that MicroTronics requires that written permission be acquired before a commercial disk vendor may copy or distribute our products.”

“This program may be distributed complete, and as is, AT NO CHARGE (excluding reasonable duplication cost). All commercial rights retained by the author. This program must not be altered in any way, and is offered as is without warranty. The only assurance to the user is that all reasonable effort has been made to confirm that this program as released will produce no undesirable or damaging effects on the executing computer.”

“You are encouraged to pass a copy of DAZZLE along to your friends for evaluation, but please do not give it away altered or as part of another system. Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they can use it.”

“Please note that this program is NOT FREE. You are entitled to use it for evaluation over a short time (no more than 30 days) to determine if it functions adequately for your needs, after which time a registration fee paid directly to MicroTronics is required by copyright law, and greatly appreciated by all of us.”

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2 responses to “Dazzle, Marvel and Wonder”

  1. Susan Joyce Moore 2007/08/24 4:02 pm

    Error message: My attempt to save and run were stopped by a “No full screen mode available”. Do I have to buy it? I’m not yet into modifying my standard dos to handle it…How’s it going, “Wings”? (Microsoft crew)

  2. Perishable 2007/08/26 8:35 am

    I am unfamiliar with that error message. As far as I know, the program works great with most versions of Windows.. Which version is throwing the error message? Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling? Other than that, I really couldn’t say, although I don’t think there is any difference between unlicensed and licensed versions. As for the “Wings/Microsoft crew” reference, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Sounds neat, though..

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