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BlogStats PCC Plugin

[ BlogStats PCC ] Announcing the BlogStats PCC plugin for WordPress! BlogStats PCC is the easy way to display the total number of posts, comments, categories, as well as several other great statistics for your WordPress-powered website. With BlogStats PCC, you display only the information you want, where you want — inside or outside of the WordPress loop. Completely customizable, BlogStats PCC will display any combination of statistics you choose. This plugin is highly flexible, simple to use, open source, and completely free.

Update: BlogStats PCC has been rebuilt with all new features and options. Check out Simple Blog Stats for all the action! </update>

BlogStats PCC update

New version of BlogStats PCC now available! The new version now provides all of these great site statistics:

  • Total number of posts
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of categories
  • Total number of members
  • Total number of guests
  • Total number of pages
  • Date of most recent update
  • Most recent commentator
  • Most recent post

Display any or all of the provided site statistics — customize your own set to provide only the statistics you want!

Installation and Usage

  1. Copy blogstats-pcc.php to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Upload and activate via WordPress plugin admin panel
  3. Use the following tags to display your stats anywhere:
Display the entire set of statistics in a nice list format:
<?php if (function_exists('fullstats')) { fullstats(); } ?>

Display the total number of posts, comments, and categories:
<?php if (function_exists('blogstats')) { blogstats(); } ?>

Display the total number of posts:
<?php if (function_exists('poststats')) { poststats(); } ?>

Display the total number of comments:
<?php if (function_exists('commstats')) { commstats(); } ?>

Display the total number of categories:
<?php if (function_exists('catstats')) { catstats(); } ?>

Display the total number of registered users:
<?php if (function_exists('regusers')) { regusers(); } ?>

Display the total number of unregistered users:
<?php if (function_exists('userstats')) { userstats(); } ?>

Display the total number of individual, static pages:
<?php if (function_exists('pagestats')) { pagestats(); } ?>

Display the date of the most recent post modification:
<?php if (function_exists('modstats')) { modstats(); } ?>

Display a link to the most recently published blog post:
<?php if (function_exists('recpost')) { recpost(); } ?>

Display the name of the most recent commentator as a link:
<?php if (function_exists('reccomm')) { reccomm(); } ?>

Display the date of the last update in your blog's default date format:
<?php if (function_exists('recstats')) { recstats(); } ?>
Check it out: Simple Blog Stats »

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110 responses to “BlogStats PCC Plugin”

  1. wow

    i like the design of the comments section.

    looks cool.

    can i use it in my blog ? how can i edit it in my blog ?

    and thanks for the plugin.

  2. Nice, works like a charm, thank you :)

  3. Perishable 2006/08/29 3:47 pm

    It is my pleasure — thank you both for the positive feedback!

  4. How can I let it work in my blog ?
    I have actived it in my “Plugin” panel,how to display it in my index page ? Thank you !

  5. Perishable 2006/09/09 5:32 pm


    Open the plugin with a text editor and follow the "Installation and Use" instructions. Simply include any of the provided php tags anywhere within the body of your pages. That’s all there is to it!

  6. Thank you very much perishable!!!
    I have made it !

  7. Thank you for this simple but sweet little plugin!

    Much appreciated!

    “Long live open-source”

  8. thanks. It’s really easy. :)

  9. Perishable 2006/09/22 8:00 am

    Thank you all for the positive feedback — your comments are greatly appreciated and inspire us to continue contributing code and content to the open-source WordPress community. Cheers!

  10. Maybe I don’t get it. I am new to PHP. I am wondering if this is a plugin that I can use only on the ADMIN page and if not, how do I get it to be on one of the pages that I have named STATS?

  11. Perishable 2006/09/25 8:13 am


    To add BlogStats PCC functionality to your Admin Dashboard, open the wp-admin/index.php file and locate this code:

    <div id="zeitgeist">
    <h2><?php _e('Latest Activity'); ?></h2>

    Immediately after that code, add the following:

    <h3><?php _e('Statistical Overview'); ?></h3>
    <?php fullstats(); ?>

    Upload the wp-admin/index.php file to your server and you should be good to go.

    Now, to add the same statistical information to the blog itself, simply add this code to the location at which you would like to display your blog’s statistics:

    <?php fullstats(); ?>

    Finally, please keep in mind that if you open the BlogStats PCC file itself (say, with a simple text editor), you will find there are many ways to customize your statistics.


  12. I was able to put the snippet of code into the wp-admin/index.php page to get stats to appear there, but i still don’t get how to make the stats appear on the blog itself. What file specifically am I looking for if I want to get the stats on the main page of the blog?

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