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Avoid Blasty for DMCA Takedowns

Blasty is a paid online service that sends DMCA takedown notices to infringing websites on your behalf. As the author of several books, I paid for one year of the service in March of 2018 to help combat rampant piracy. And for several months the service worked great. I enjoyed receiving the periodic email reports letting me know of successful takedowns. And I could log into my account and check out specific takedowns, view reports, and find all sorts of useful infos.

Blasty not working

For awhile Blasty was a dream come true: a practical, affordable DIY solution for fighting piracy. Unfortunately for the past couple of months Blasty has been inactive, no longer doing takedowns, doing absolutely nothing. They are MIA.

I’ve tried contacting Blasty support four times via their only channel of communication, and over a month later.. still waiting to hear anything back from Blasty. It’s very frustrating to pay for something and then not get it. So until Blasty responds or somebody explains why things aren’t working..

Avoid Blasty

I’m posting my experience with Blasty for two reasons:

  1. Ask if anyone knows anything about what happened to Blasty
  2. Warn people that may be considering paying for Blasty service

After some searching, I found no current/relevant information as to why Blasty is no longer working, and why they are not responding to support requests (sent via their own contact form). So if anyone knows more infos, please post below in the comments or feel free to send any infos via my contact form.

Otherwise, until more is known about what happened to Blasty, I highly recommend to save your money and AVOID the Blasty DMCA service. Hopefully they come back and all is well in the end.

Jeff Starr
About the Author Jeff Starr = Creative thinker. Passionate about free and open Web.
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