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Apathy Theme

[ Apathy Theme ] The Apathy theme displays your content via a crisp, three-column dynamic layout that is extremely lightweight and casual. The Apathy theme emulates a digital newspaper, with information presented in traditional newsprint format. Apathy validates as XHTML strict, and even better: Apathy displays with high fidelity in all modern browsers. If you are focusing on text-based content and strive toward coherent, concise presentation, the Apathy theme will serve you well..

Note: For a fixed-width version of Apathy, check out the Headline theme »
Check out a screenshot of the Apathy theme »


Apathy version 2.7 is officially released! The new version features a triple-loop, liquid-width, three-column layout as well as a completely redesigned code base and improved graphical interface. Further, Apathy 2.7 includes many new configuration options and provides detailed comments and installation instructions. Plus, Apathy employs strictly valid XHTML, nearly valid CSS, universal fonts, and browser-safe colors. Check it out!


Theme is old, bro. No longer in development. I leave it online for those who know. If you’re looking for an awesome theme for a live/production website, check out the WordPress Theme Directory. You’ll find some incredible themes that take better advantage of all the newer WordPress features.

That in mind, you are welcome to download and use however you would like. Please let me know if you fix it up and use it somewhere on a live site — would be super inspiring to see it. Now go forth and witness how awesome theme templates looked in the early 21st century.

Download Apathy ThemeVersion 2.7 ( 96.28 KB ZIP )


Jeff Starr
About the Author
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26 responses to “Apathy Theme”

  1. Avatar photo
    Rick Beckman 2006/11/12 2:38 pm

    Version 1 of Apathy is great, but when will version 2.7 be packaged? I notice that’s what is running here (via the CSS source) and that it too is GPL software… Is it packaged up anywhere?

    It’d be easy enough to view source here and emulate what I see (everything being GPL, after all), but packaged software reduces mistakes by quite a bit. :)

    Great work and keep it up!

  2. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2006/11/12 3:02 pm

    Actually, you are the first person to ask about the new version of the Apathy theme. And, because I told myself that I wasn’t going to worry about packaging the latest version until someone actually requested it, I guess now is the time for the official release!

    Although I can’t specify exactly when the new version will be available, I plan to work on it tonight and tomorrow, and then hopefully it will be available by Tuesday or Wednesday..

    Stay tuned!

  3. Avatar photo
    Rick Beckman 2006/11/12 3:36 pm

    Woohoo! I can’t wait. I’ve been searching for several days for a theme I liked enough to keep using, and the elegance of Apathy is fantastic!

    (The “elegance of apathy…” Someone somewhere needs a blog named that.)

  4. Avatar photo
    Rick Beckman 2006/11/14 9:33 am

    Any word on the new version, Perishable? :)

  5. Avatar photo

    Yes, I am working on it and hope to have it online before the end of the day. At the very latest, the theme should be available Wednesday evening. Lord willing, it will be complete this afternoon. — Remember Galatians 5:22-23! :)

  6. Avatar photo
    Rick Beckman 2006/11/14 1:46 pm

    Oh I’m patient. I’d rather it be delayed some than be rushed, after all.

  7. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2006/11/15 1:08 pm

    Your patience has served you well, Rick Beckman! I am pleased to announce the official release of Apathy version 2.7!

    The triple loop required some wrangling, but everything now has been generalized and commented with explanations, etc.

    Have a look and see how it goes…
    — Lord willing, you will be up and running in no time!


  8. Avatar photo
    Rick Beckman 2006/11/15 1:54 pm

    You rock! I’m off to try it out. :)

  9. Super theme. I’ve adopted it. Unfortunately I have many users who use a 800×600 pixel resolution. Is there a way to make the center scale as they size so the Calendar doesn’t imped onto the center section. How do I make the center section so it uses only the amount of space that is left from the left and right sections?

  10. Avatar photo
    Perishable 2007/03/25 8:50 am

    Very easy! Open the Apathy theme’s style.css file, locate the div.content selector, and change the current value (333px) of the min-width property to something more appropriate for 800×600 resolutions. Given the dimensions of the two side columns, I would agree that a min-width value of 120px suits you perfectly.. ;) Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Best regards,

  11. Avatar photo
    Steve Pierce 2007/05/01 9:36 am

    Have you given any thought to adding widget support?


    – Steve

  12. Avatar photo

    Hmmm… not a bad idea! Perhaps I will look into it.. ;) Thanks, Steve!

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