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A Closer Look at Perishable Press

[ Gravatar for Perishable ] Perishable Press began as a virtual journey into the digital chaos of the blogosphere. While initially designing the site, we began posting a variety of content, primarily information related to the project itself. During the development process, as the site exploded into a frenzy of ideas, possibilities, and experimentation, we continued to post code examples, useful links, and tons of reference material. Slowly, as the site began to attract visitors, we began to clarify our scope, define our niche, and produce content accordingly. Currently, the site enjoys a steady flow of visitors, a growing number of subscribers, and a great group of contributors.

What is Perishable Press?

In its present capacity, Perishable Press serves as an online resource through which diverse multimedia projects, interests, and ideas come together as an integrated expression of creativity. Perishable projects include writing, drawing, painting, digital graphics, desktop publishing, website design, audio mixing, video editing, and digital photography. Perishable Press also features ideas and philosophy concerning the process of cultivating creative enlightenment, integrating creative endeavors, and maximizing creative lifestyles. Other topics involve subjective relativism, critical analyses, and, of course, biblical principles.

The general purpose of Perishable Press is to provide an open forum through which information is collected, organized, and shared. The information covered and presented via this website focuses on topics from several different perspectives, including creativity, artistic expression, inspiration, and criticism. From these perspectives writers explore the intellectual understanding of their particular creative endeavors, which generally involve art, code, music, video, graphics, websites, science, technology, and lots of philosophical contemplation and debate.

Who is responsible for this mess?

[ Jeff Starr 2003 ] Well, um, yeah.. that would be me, Jeff Starr. So, uh.. how would I describe myself? I suppose it depends on the situation. For example, addressing someone indirectly through this website, I would most likely limit my biography to a few well-chosen statements. Sharing a more personal moment with a close friend, on the other hand, I might confess that I am heavily guarded and generally hyper-critical, if not moderately paranoid, especially while lurking around in public.

Where am I located?

[ Welcome to the Planet ] Currently, I reside in lush Desert Oasis of Moses Lake, Washington. While enough cannot be said about Moses Lake, my wonderful wife Jennifer and I find it a suitable location for raising our two beautiful children, Josh and Lorelei. The area is thriving yet tranquil, with a nice lake, easy traffic, and plenty of sunshine. Plus, the fiber-optic broadband internet service keeps us all well-connected at top speeds.

What am I doing?

[ 1980 Chevy Monza ] You mean besides raising a family and working a full-time job in the local salt mine? I spend a great deal of my free time exploring creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression. I work with many different mediums, mainly digital, mostly online. I design, develop, and maintain a small army of websites, including Perishable Press, Digging Into WordPress, Plugin Planet, and eChunks.com.

Why am I doing this?

[ Perishable Press Sun Icon ] I have been blessed with the gift of creativity. I give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for this talent. I am grateful for every opportunity to my develop skills and share my experience with others. I enjoy helping and encouraging others to explore their creativity and express their ideas. One of my long-term goals is to earn a decent living operating within the creative realm, via web development, graphic design, and multimedia projects. In January of 2007, I officially went into business as Monzilla Media, now specializing in web development and web security.

Who contributes to Perishable Press?

[ The 0racle ] The main contributors to Perishable Press include myself (a.k.a. Perishable), August Klotz, and several anonymous friends (The 0racle, m0n, x). Further, while we provide the main content, everyone who has ever contributed to articles via comments and emails also deserves credit for this site. We encourage user comments, feedback, and criticism about any of the content shared at Perishable Press. To show appreciation or support for the site, share on social media, blog it, and link it!

More about Perishable..

[ Wild Bill ] “Perishable” is the quasi-anonymous pseudonym of the individual responsible for the myriad manifestations of artistic inspiration revealed via expressed personae, diverse mediums, and unique projects. The pseudonym Perishable was realized during the hot summer of 1993 in a small, sad hut hidden deep within the Desert Oasis. Throughout the next several years, Perishable evolved conceptually, exploring artistic perspectives via multiple states of subconscious introspection, delving into subjective paradigms for a deeper understanding of creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression. Today, over ten years into the mix, Perishable continues to evolve creatively, embracing modern technology as a dynamic medium for artistic expression.

More about August Klotz..

[ August Klotz ] Contributing Perishable Press Author, August Klotz, writes on subjects spanning the philosophical spectrum. Professor Klotz holds degrees in both Biochemistry and Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. The Professor has lectured on artistic principles such as creative momentum, individualistic relativism, and subjective expressionism. In addition to Perishable Press, August Klotz contributes priceless efforts to many organizations, including his own website, as well as several others, including art{space} Magazine and the underground art publication, Dead Letter Art.

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