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WordPress on Crack: Tips for Faster Post Publishing

Apparently, article posting is painfully slow on 2-ish versions of WordPress. Indeed, we finally got tired of waiting several minutes every time we published, saved, or edited a post. After a bit of research, reading through countless complaints and suggested remedies, several key methods began to emerge. And, after taking the time to implement them, we have definitely enjoyed an substantial decrease in time required to publish, save, or edit posts.

Steps to improve WP performance

Before proceeding, please be aware that everyone’s site is configured differently. These are the tricks that helped us to speed up publishing, but they may not have the same effect for everyone. That said, here are some steps to improve the performance of your WordPress-powered site.


Perhaps the most commonly recommended fix for slow posting: Remove from the Admin » Options » Writing » Update Services panel. For some reason, pingomatic is really slow these days. Try using, or any other freely available tool (there are many).

Delete all cached content

Another trick that helps improve posting speed is to delete the entire contents of the WordPress cache. It is entirely safe to delete everything in the wp-content/cache directory. In case you are paranoid, make a backup copy before doing so ;)

Remove the admin post preview panel

If you never use the “post-preview” window that appears near the end of your “Write Post” panel, go ahead and remove it. Doing so will save bandwidth, load time, processing time, etc. To eliminate such superfluousness, crack open your wp-admin/post.php file and delete precisely the following region of code (located near line #83 in WP 2.0.5), which may look slightly different in previous versions of WordPress:

<div id='preview' class='wrap'>
<h2 id="preview-post"><?php _e('Post Preview (updated when post is saved)'); ?> <small class="quickjump"><a href="#write-post"><?php _e('edit &uarr;'); ?></a></small></h2>
<iframe src="<?php echo wp_specialchars(apply_filters('preview_post_link', add_query_arg('preview', 'true', get_permalink($post->ID)))); ?>" width="100%" height="600" ></iframe>

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3 responses to “WordPress on Crack: Tips for Faster Post Publishing”

  1. hello. I want to ask.

    I was delete ping service “pingomatic” from wordpress admin control. and i begin to post some article. When i finish post some article, i want to ping manually from But there is a messege…

    Slow down cowboy….

    I confused…I ask my self… Why can be like this because i was remove pingomatic ping service from admin control.

    Have you an experience like this..??? Have you an advice..???

    I was asked this problem in some blog and no answer from them.

    If you have an advice please share me… I’ll Bookmarked your site and will be back here to found the answer.

    Sorry if my english bad. Because i only can speak enlish a little.

    Thanks and regards.
    Deden From Indonesia

  2. Jeff Starr
    Perishable 2008/07/05 1:41 pm

    Hi Deden, I am no expert at pingomatic, but I would suspect that the message you received has something to do with the speed with which you might have been manually pinging. I personally wasn’t there when the message was generated, so it is difficult to say exactly why it happened. Regardless, if pingomatic is giving you grief, try an alternate ping service such as pingoat or any number of others. For myself, I prefer not to use ping services, and have also deleted all ping services from the auto-ping list on all of my blogs. I have been very happy not worrying about it and haven’t looked back since! Hopefully something there was useful for you! ;)

  3. Santosh Bhandarkar 2010/04/27 2:03 am

    If you have a large number of posts, each time to save and have your Google XML sitemap plugin installed, it will take a long time (if you have selected “update sitemap when u change a post”). Disable that and you posts should save faster.

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