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What are the Different Layers of the Blogosphere?

[ Image: Graphical Representation of the Blogosphere ] By now, everyone is familiar with the whole concept of the “blogosphere.” According to common definition, the blogosphere represents the virtual realm in which all blogs exist in an interconnected community of online social networking activity. Such blogospheric activity includes writing, posting and commenting, and involves many different types of blogs and bloggers. As with the atmosphere, the blogosphere consists of several, well-defined layers. Let’s investigate this hypothetical representational phenomenon..

Whereas the atmosphere may be divided into layers based on temperature and location, the blogosphere may be divided into layers based on popularity and purpose. Here is a summary of the various layers of the atmosphere:

Layers of the Atmosphere

The Troposphere is the lowest part of the atmosphere. This layer supports life on earth. Most weather happens in the Troposphere, rain, snow, hail.
The Stratosphere contains most of the ozone. The absorption of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun happens in this layer via the ozone. The ozone protects us, but is damaged by chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).
The Mesosphere exists above the Stratosphere. In the Mesosphere, the temperature reaches around -90° Celsius. It is very cold there.
The Thermosphere is above the Mesosphere, and absorbs the sun’s high-energy ultraviolet and X-Ray radiation. The temperature of the Thermosphere varies from day to day and from season to season.
The Ionosphere is a positively charged layer residing within the Thermosphere. The Ionosphere reflects and absorbs radio waves, making it possible to receive radio broadcasts from all over the world.
The Exosphere exists around 500 kilometers above the earth. This layer is mostly empty, containing a dilute quantity of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Some of the atoms escape the pull of gravity and disappear into space.
The Magnetosphere is the outermost layer. It contains spiraling bands of positively and negatively charged particles spiralling around magnetic field lines. The Magnetosphere contains all of the other layers.

Of course, we all remember that information from high school, right? Now, let’s take a look at the representative layers of the blogosphere:

Layers of the Blogosphere

The Geekosphere makes life in the blogosphere possible. Technology is shared, problems are solved. Software is developed and blogging platforms are released.
The Servosphere consists of all the blogs involving online services, applications, and solutions. This layer includes services such as site validators, proxy servers, and networking services.
The Bizosphere is where the business happens. In this layer, it’s all about the Hamiltons, baby. All that cold, hard cash makes for a cold, hard Bizosphere. With blogs in the Bizosphere, it’s “business never personal.”
The Newsosphere is where the news happens. Online media blogs report news with ultrasonic speed. Like its atmospheric counterpart, the Newsosphere changes from day to day and from season to season.
The Blabosphere comprises the largest portion of the blogosphere. It is a highly charged layer of buzz, advice, stories, and lots of echo. Many personal blogs are found in the Blabosphere.
The Egosphere is the lair of celebrity bloggers. This layer consists of millionaire bloggers, superstar bloggers, and all of those other big-name bloggers with thousands upon thousands of dedicated followers.
The Searchosphere is the layer that permeates all other layers of the blogosphere. The Searchosphere contains four major search engines and enables efficient navigation and quick access to virtually any location in the blogosphere.

So, where are you in the blogosphere? What layers need to be added and/or redefined to encompass a more complete, well-defined Blogosphere? What changes would you make to the Blogosphere?

Jeff Starr
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3 responses to “What are the Different Layers of the Blogosphere?”

  1. Ah. Obviously left out the most important ‘…sphere’.

    The, wait for it, ‘Minimalosphere’. Not sure exactly where it should fit, possible between Geek and Servo. A filter as such, to ensure minimal interference on all other channels. Spheres I mean.

    Mr G.

  2. Jeff Starr

    You actually had me laughing out loud there for a moment! Very nice :)

  3. Albert C. Auasco 2009/12/13 6:06 am


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