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Quintessential Reversion

Due to popular demand, I will be switching the site’s default theme back to the colorful Quintessential theme (opens new tab or window). Many people simply felt that the extreme minimalism of the new Requiem theme (opens new tab or window) was just too “plain” or otherwise difficult to navigate due to the single-column design. So, after giving it a go and receiving some excellent feedback, Perishable Press will be rolling with the Quintessential theme — at least for now.. ;)

Those of you who prefer the straightforward usability and minimalist design aesthetic of the new Requiem theme may continue to use it during your visits to Perishable Press. Either click here for Requiem (opens new tab or window), or otherwise scroll down to the footer of the default Quintessential theme to the “Switch Themes” links. Additionally, for the more adventurous surfers out there, you may choose to skin the site with any of my 24 available themes.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their opinions of the new theme. Your insight and feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

Jeff Starr
About the Author
Jeff Starr = Web Developer. Security Specialist. WordPress Buff.
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12 responses to “Quintessential Reversion”

  1. Yay !

    Thank you for the move, as you show how much you listen to your reader’s opinion, as difficult as it might get.

    I guess it’s not easy to put aside a design you wished to go mainstream, as you already explained your preference over Requiem. At least, the style switcher is there for the ones that are least appealed with the explosive colors of Quintessential…


  2. Eric Ferraiuolo 2009/01/27 11:11 am

    Good choice! Thanks.

  3. Hooray!
    It’s kind of funny how fast something can become your trademark so to speak.

  4. Thank you for listening to your readers. :)

  5. Gavin Tronset 2009/01/27 1:16 pm

    I truly appreciate how carefully you listen to your readers! It puts not only personality into this blog but also humanity. Simply put, it make sit more enjoyable to read and learn.

    That being said, the bottom line is what you want. I’m sure you like both designs, but you’ll be the one looking at it most. Since you have such a difference of wants in your audience (which causes you to change your designs), this factor is important–sometimes the readers don’t know what is best for them :).

    Oh, and I absolutely adore this design. On a side note, this is a very evil post, #666.

  6. Jessi Hance 2009/01/27 6:26 pm

    Thanks for all the choices! I’m digging Lithium.

  7. Of course I listen to my readers — without them, this site would be nothing (or at least not as fun!).. Glad to hear everyone still enjoys the Quintessential theme. I will be replacing it someday though — so be prepared! ;)

  8. @Jessi: Yes, that is one of my favorites as well — it’s old, but remains one of my best efforts. :)

  9. Haha. I am glad to see that this is back. It’s so soothing to my eyes. :-)

  10. Interesting, personally, I find your Quintessential theme quite unreadable and slow, while your Requiem theme is highly readable. I think the problem is you just went a little bit too far, and there is definitely a middle ground to be found – just put a sidebar on here and Bob’s your uncle! :P

  11. Michael, I found it hard to read at first, but then I blocked the background (via Firefox extension), and it’s very smooth and readable!

    Sorry Jeff for blocking the background! :) It is very beautiful, and less intrusive than most of the other sites. However the black background I have now is easier on the eyes. Background aside, the Quintessential theme is awesome!

    By the way, is that a typo on the homepage right above the footer? “Explore teh archives..” I think it’s your humor Jeff, right? :-) And the “Rise above it all” link is cool.

  12. Jeff Starr 2009/02/08 1:03 pm

    @Shirley: Hehe.. yes, many others think so as well — at least I tried! ;)

    @Michael: Thanks for the feedback. I may very well end up doing that exact thing. I really like the minimalism of the Requiem theme and will be using it as a base for my next attempt.

    @Tony: How dare you block my background! ;P Seriously though, glad that you found a way to improve the usability of the Quint. theme. And yes, that “typo” is my sad attempt at a little “leet” humor! Sometimes you just gotta inject some fun into your themes! ;)

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