Plenty of Errors to Chew On..

Alrighty then! Looks like recent changes to site structure have really dropped a bomb on quite a few regular visitors out there. After switching over to the new default theme last night, I had setup an email notification system to alert me of all errors encountered at this domain (i.e., the main site and all test sites). Of course, I knew that at least a few errors would be inevitable, but I had no idea that I would receive nearly 300 of them!

After examining the nature of these errors, it appears that the bulk of them are the result of either Google showing confusion over the new image directory structure, or people visiting the site with a browser cache full of old theme files. Apparently, a few visitors were actually using some of the alternate themes that I had provided via the previous default theme. So, now that the alternate themes have been removed (temporarily, for a few months), visitors are experiencing errors when they visit the site. Uhh, not so good, especially for them.

To add even more drama to the mix, consider the fact that I will be upgrading from WordPress 2.0.5 (which has been so, so great) to the new hotness of WordPress 2.3.1. Actually, I intended to switch over last night, but finally ran out of time and decided to wait until I had a full day to deal with the aftermath. And, well, what do you know, that day just happens to be today! So, rather than chase after each of the 300+ errors that keep rolling in, I am going to wait until after the upgrade and then dive into the full mess. Moral of the story: “strap yourselves in, I’m going to make the jump to light speed!”

In the meantime, if you happen to experience any unusual errors when visiting the site, or if you get a white screen of death, missing images, broken or absent theme templates, or even acute stress disorder, may I suggest trying one of the following:

  • Click on this link to reset your theme preference for Perishable Press (recommended)
  • Empty your browser’s cache and reload the page via the F5 key (highly effective)

Performing either one (or both) of these tricks should clear up any immediate issues related to the new theme setup. If, after trying either one of these methods, you continue to have an unusual and/or unacceptable experience with the site, I would humbly ask you to tell me about it. Thank you kindly ;)