Pink Floyd Discography

Pink Floyd 2005 Reunion
Pink Floyd 2005 Reunion

In celebration of the 2005 Reunion, please look back your note:

Pink Floyd:

  • Roger Waters
  • David Gilmour
  • Nick Mason
  • Richard Wright

Pink Floyd Discography

05/1967 – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - Cover Art Psychedelic soundscapes and lyrical insanity.
06/1968 – A Saucerful of Secrets
Saucerful of Secrets - Cover Art Experimental psychedelica and more lyrical insanity.
07/1969 – More (Film Score)
More - Cover Art Intense and contemplative film score.
10/1969 – Ummagumma (2-Disc Set)
Ummagumma - Cover Art Electric, flowing live disc and experimental, explorative studio disc.
01/1970 – Zabriskie Point (Film Score)
Zabriskie Point - Cover Art Diverse collection of absolute Floyd treasures.
10/1970 – Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother - Cover Art Orchestrated psychedelica and thematic experimental trauma, plus hits.
05/1971 – Relics (Hits & Unreleased)
Relics - Cover Art Some classic hits and other unreleased goodness.
11/1971 – Meddle
Meddle - Cover Art Coalescing Floyd momentum expressively and emotionally revealed.
06/1972 – Obscured by Clouds (Film Score for La Vallee)
Obscured by Clouds - Cover Art Loosely integrated collection of inspirationally defined Floyd essence.
03/1973 – The Dark Side of the Moon
The Dark Side of the Moon - Cover Art Pure artistic expression via experimental exploration and psychedelic enlightenment.
04/1973 – A Nice Pair (Hits & Unreleased)
A Nice Pair - Cover Art A nice collection of excellent tracks and unreleased hits.
09/1975 – Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here - Cover Art Timeless, mysterious, inspiring — Pink Floyd demonstrate their true mastery of the craft.
01/1977 – Animals
Animals - Cover Art Powerfully complex, heaviness manifests in deep, moving sets — Floyd’s finest hour.
11/1979 – The Wall
The Wall - Cover Art Emotionally orchestrated, intensely dynamic, and flawlessly executed.
11/1981 – Great Dance Songs (Hits)
A Collection of Great Dance Songs - Cover Art Dance your pants off with several of the most popular Floyd gems.
12/1981 – Is There Anybody Out There?
Is There Anybody Out There - The Wall Live - Cover Art Live version of The Wall, featuring two previously unreleased tracks.
03/1983 – The Final Cut
The Final Cut - Cover Art An intensely meditative and subjective emotional revelation.
11/1983 – Works (Hits & Unreleased)
Works - Cover Art Even more greatest hits along with a few unreleased tracks to sweeten the deal.
06/2001 – Echoes (Hits)
Echoes - Best of Pink Floyd - Cover Art Scraping the barrel — perhaps useful for the uninitiated folks.

Pink Floyd (without Roger Waters)

1987 – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Momentary Lapse of Reason - Cover Art Melancholy soundscapes perfect for distant mental excursions.
1988 – Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Live)
Delicate Sound of Thunder - Cover Art Live version of Momentary Lapse of Reason.
1994 – The Division Bell
The Division Bell - Cover Art Strained adventures into yesterday via intimately performed collaborations.
1995 – Pulse (Live)
Pulse - Cover Art Live version of the The Division Bell.

Roger Waters Discography

1970 – The Body
The Body - Cover Art Experimental soundscapes expressing various bodily functions. Features the classic song, Give Birth to a Smile.
1984 – The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking
The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Cover Art Melodically challenged if not relatively interesting.
1987 – Radio K.A.O.S
Radio K.A.O.S. - Cover Art Historically significant insight into earthly existence during the 1980’s.
1990 – The Wall: Live In Berlin
The Wall: Live in Berlin - Cover Art A Theoretically significant, if not philosophically relevant, live concert event.
1992 – Amused To Death
Amused to Death - Cover Art Roger Waters at his best — an astounding masterpiece — absolute brilliance.
2001 – In The Flesh?
In the Flesh - Cover Art Sincere, authentic Floyd emulations featuring plenty of tantalizing favorites.
2002 – Flickering Flame
Flickering Flame - Cover Art Roger Waters greatest hits, featuring demos, live tracks, and remixes.
2005 – Ca Ira
Ca Ira - Cover Art Roger Waters explores the world of opera. Great, if you like opera..

David Gilmour Discography

1978 – David Gilmour
David Gilmour - Cover Art Relaxing and inspiring, no-frills blues-rock with a spaced-out, timeless quality.
1984 – About Face
About Face - Cover Art Halfway decent assortment of relentless 80’s radio rock: "A couple of good songs, but again, swamped in 80’s production, horn stabs, and other embarassments."
2006 – On An Island
On An Island - Cover Art Down-to-earth subjective exploration.

Miscellaneous Discography

Richard Wright
Wet Dream - Cover Art 1978 – Wet Dream
Broken China - Cover Art 1996 – Broken China
Syd Barret
Opel - Cover Art 1988 – Opel