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minimalist Theme

[ minimalist Theme ] The minimalist theme is crisp and clean. Featuring a three-column satellite menu-page to reduce clutter and streamline usability, the minimalist theme is designed to present site content with sophistication and elegance. The minimalist theme is XHTML 1.1 strict, employs nearly valid CSS (ha!), and features browser-safe colors and universal fonts all delivered via concise, two-column liquid layout. Mindfully detailed and carefully prepared, the minimalist theme provides plenty of room for customization and expansion. One of my favorite theme designs.


This theme is offered absolutely free under open source GPL. Instructions are included along with a complete set of files and images. Typical theme installation, includes two optional custom page templates.

WP Theme - minimalist Version 1.2 (26KB zip)

Jeff Starr
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23 responses to “minimalist Theme”

  1. Nino Carandang 2008/10/20 1:07 am

    I love the minimalist theme! But for some reason, I can’t make it work with the Tantan’s Flickr Album and Lightbox. Weird. Can you help me?

  2. Jeff Starr 2008/10/21 4:05 pm

    Hi Nino, unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t give me enough time to troubleshoot third-party plugins. As far as I know, both Lightbox and the Flickr plugin should work fine with the minimalist theme, assuming everything has been configured properly. The theme uses standard WordPress/PHP code and standards-based CSS and XHTML markup, so there is nothing out of the ordinary (that I know of) that would interfere with either application. Lightbox, in particular, is simply JavaScript that functions independently, requiring only the inclusion of the script and the proper rel attributes. Perhaps double-check that the file path(s) for the scripts are correct..?

  3. Great theme design! Thanks for making this theme available.

  4. Jeff Starr 2009/05/12 4:09 pm

    Awesome, chuck — it looks like you are putting it to good use! Thanks for keeping the credit link intact in the footer — much appreciated.

  5. AMAZING theme. I love it so so so so so much. It was exactly what I needed!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  6. My pleasure, Jeremy :)

  7. I really like this theme!!!

  8. I really like this theme too!!
    Would you tell me how to activate or use a three-column satellite menu-page?

  9. Jeff Starr 2010/11/24 9:24 am

    @hi-ro: I’m pretty sure there are installation instructions included in the download zip file, but if not, let me know and I’ll whip something up.

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I really like this theme, I’ve been using it for a couple of years, so when I read about how to update WordPress to HTML5 on Smashing Magazine, I updated the minimalist theme myself. I changed the comment form a little, but other than that it’s the same. I posted it at: I’d appreciate any feedback you might have.


  11. Jeff Starr 2011/03/22 8:50 am

    Hey Chuck, the HTML5 version looks great. It’s great to see minimalist updated with something new, and HTML5 even! Pretty sweet, man – Thanks for sharing!

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