Migration and Propagation Business

The overly dramatic process of transferring our Online Empire to a new server and then back again manifests several valuable lessons. Please look back your note and observe the following suggestions during any future server migration and/or domain propagation events…

Domain Propagation

  • When switching servers, do not cancel the old account until absolutely positive it is no longer needed.
  • Edit all Domain Name Servers (DNS) with the new server Internet Protocols (IP’s) as soon as possible.
  • Create accounts for all domains on the new server as soon as possible. Create temp pages, if needed.
  • Delete any/all website accounts on the old server as soon as possible. Remember to backup everything.
  • Check propagation progress via a whois check. If the new server is listed, the domain has resolved, however… (see next item)
  • Domain propagation usually takes between 24-72 hours. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may need to reset their local copy of DNS for changes to appear locally.

Server Migration

  • Always take plenty of time to research the new host before signing up and switching.
  • Backup everything before and after from both servers and take thorough notes throughout the switch.
  • Contact the prospective host before signup. Ask questions. Submit tickets. Send emails.
  • Check the speed of the new host before signup. Find a page on their server and test the speed.
  • Once setup on new server, spend time, investigate all options, check things out.
  • Do not spend too much time working on sites on the new server until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Do not cancel service with your previous host until you are 100% satisfied with the new host.

Additional Information