Link to Perishable Press

Now you can link your site directly to Perishable Press by posting any of these official banners, buttons, and icons on your blog or site. You can either copy these images to your own server, or display them directly from ours ;)

Official Perishable Press Propaganda

Right-click on PC/Win or Ctrl-click on Mac to save to your computer. Note that the image borders are part of this site’s design — they won’t be displayed when included on your site.

To display any of these images, include the following code in your web page:

<a href="" title="Perishable Press">
<img src="" alt="Perishable Press">

Hover over the image on this page to get the name of the image, and use the name to replace “perishablepress_01.png” in the code snippet.

Text link
Use this code to link without using an image (text only):

<a href="" title="Perishable Press">Perishable Press</a>

Thank you to those who link back and support Perishable Press, you are too kind! :)