Imported Graffiti Art in the Desert Oasis

Aside from an occasional gang squirt, Moses Lake, Washington has no graffiti art scene of which to speak. Yes, there are many vast, open walls available for inspired artists to develop into colorful statements of creative expression. However, city officials and general public opinion frown on graffiti art as worthless, wicked vandalism. Granted, the city does offer several commissioned murals, mainly scenic visions of the ordinary rural variety. Unfortunately, those of us craving authentic expressions of genuine creativity must travel elsewhere to enjoy such diverse cultural fruit.

A truckload of rainbows

[ Imported Graffiti Art Sample ]
Imported graffiti art, picked fresh daily
Or so we thought. Recently we discovered a daily supply of local, fresh graffiti. A short drive out Moses Lake’s Wheeler Road reveals a west-coast freight-car loading station. And, as any connoisseur of aerosol art is aware, graffiti artists love to paint on freight cars. Sure enough, a quick drive into the loading area manifests a colorful line of beautifully decorated railcars. To see such dynamic and intense expressions of deliberation and purpose is like opening the window of youth and shooting up a truckload of rainbows. “ unexpected pleasure — we are honored by your presence..”

Traveling canvases

Better still, the railcars are there on business, meaning they are constantly showing up, getting loaded, and taking off, thereby making room for the next set of traveling canvases. Every day, there is a fresh selection of imported west-coast graffiti art ripe for the pickinz. And pick I do — at least three times a week, every week, I drive out to the station early in the morning to examine, admire, and capture the daily gallery. For several weeks now, my collection of high-resolution digital photographs of west-coast graffiti has been growing.

Keep ’em separated

Soon, the collection will be available at my portfolio site,, which will feature artwork, digital photos, video chunks, audio turdz, and now, imported graffiti art. Why two Perishable websites? While focuses on written material, code, and other text, presents creativity as expressed via aural, visual, and digital media. “You gotta keep ’em separated.”

Informational repositories

Indeed, this segregation of Perishable Press content enables us to consolidate an online resource for news and information concerning everything associated with all of our creative endeavors. Further, an informational repository such as Perishable Press enables us to focus entirely on artistic and other creative content at our other sites, such as,, and Update: These sites are now offline; check out for some recent visual adventures.