Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “Are you a book publisher?”

Answer: Yes. In addition to providing many free tutorials and projects at this website, Perishable Press also publishes books on WordPress, Web Design, and related topics. Here are the currently available books published by Perishable Press:

Visit the Perishable Press Bookstore for a complete list of books.

Note that this Perishable Press has nothing at all to do with Walter Hamady’s The Perishable Press Limited from the mid-1960’s.

Question: “Why the name ‘Perishable’?”

Answer: While working dead-end jobs after high-school, I continued doing art, graphics, design, and so forth, trying to keep my creativity alive any way possible. Wordplay and making fun of marketing and advertising propaganda made it possible to laugh with co-workers while plowing through long hours on the job. One day, I noticed the word “PERISHABLE” printed on a box I was carrying out of a walk-in freezer. After kicking the phrase around for awhile, it just sort of stuck, and later I found myself writing it in my sketchbook, including it in graphics, and eventually using it as a pseudonym. Since then I’ve continued using the name, as evidenced by the name of this website.

Question: “What’s this site about?”

Answer: Perishable Press serves as an online resource providing design-related code and tutorials (plus a bunch of other stuff). Perishable Press may include information about books and publishing, but the focus remains on providing quality code & tutorials for WordPress, web design and everything in between. Visit the About Page to learn more.

Question: “How can I show support?”

Answer: Perishable Press is a labor of love. I do it because it inspires me to no end. Every detail of this site (when working correctly) is carefully handcrafted and deliberately employed. The best way to show support is to buy one of my books. Additionally, you can send a donation via PayPal, or even link, like, tweet, and share any pages that you’ve found useful. If nothing else, please click on my sponsor’s ads in the sidebar — they’re the ones who help pay the bills, so checking ’em out is a great way to show appreciation.

Question: “Can I advertise on your site?”

Answer: Yes, the site has numerous advertising opportunities, and I’m always interested in hearing new ideas. Check out Perishable Press at BuySellAds for advertising opportunities or drop me a line to discuss further options.

Question: “How do I contact you?”

Answer: The best way to contact me is to send an email. Other channels aren’t monitored as closely, but I try to respond to email within 24 hours.