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Book Giveaway: Print Version of Digging into WordPress

[ Digging into WordPress ] I have a free print version of Digging into WordPress to give away to one lucky winner. To qualify for the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post stating your absolute favorite thing about WordPress. The winner will receive a free printed copy of DiW shipped to their door, plus a lifetime subscription to the PDF version of the book. I will announce the randomly chosen winner next week. – Good luck! :)

Jeff Starr
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  1. WordPress has erased the line between a blogging system and a CMS. It can do everything. My school’s site uses wordpress and many of the students use it too…so you see how it appeals to a huge variety of people.

    and also…
    Serif Fonts-Wordpress has brought them back into fashion

  2. It’s easy to maintain and create the theme.

  3. My favorite thing about WordPress is that it meets you at the level you are at. It is user-friendly for my clients to meet them at a beginner level, but it is also ready to go the distance and offer infinite added features for the more complex design.
    I look forward to learning even more about what WordPress can do using your book!

  4. John W. Vermaes January 6, 2010 @ 4:24 am

    Right off the top of my head, the three things that I love about WP the most is:

    1) It is easy, yet extremely robust at the same time.
    2) It can be customized to fit virtually any type of situation, appearance, etc.
    3) The community – to have that much knowledge in one place is absolutely amazing.

  5. Vassileios Mastorostergios January 6, 2010 @ 4:26 am

    My fav thing about WordPress is the community. Always helpful and knowledgeable. One question to the WP forums and you can do pretty much everything.

  6. Peter Shackelford January 6, 2010 @ 5:40 am

    As a web site developer, the helpful community is pretty great. If you have an idea of what you are wanting to do, you only need to do a few searches before you have the right terminology. Once there, there is no shortage of people who have shared what they have learned about that particular area.

  7. I luv me some wordpress!
    Hacking custom form entry fields, custom fields,
    mobil blogging via the itouch app are a few reasons.

    I can only imagine the goodness in the digwp book.
    Wellworth the purchase price.

  8. My absolute favorite about WP is, that it is so easy to use and administer, so I dont have to spent much time on administration and can let it do, what I want to do and I dont have to support the WPs of my friends, cause they can do mostly all alone :)

  9. My favorite thing is how we thought out the entire application is. I can add new functionality via plug-ins, change the look via themes, both of which can be done from within the application itself (no more FTPing your ZIPs). If I need to tweak on of them, I can do that from within the interface as well.

  10. Simplicity, for sure.

  11. The ease of setting up anything you want…

  12. My favorite thing is WordPress.

    Really. I can’t pick one thing, because if I pick plugins then I’m short changing the power of themes (and theme children and functions). If I pick themes, I’m ignoring the built ins. If I pick the built ins, then I’m not talking about how you can hook up your WP install with bbPress, let alone Buddypress!

    And somewhere in there I’m totally not mentioning the forums and trac and just how cool people are. Oh and I shouldn’t forget how amazing it all is to use as a luddite (according to my partner and cousin).

    It’s just all that.

    But the thing perhaps I love best is that WordPress knows what it is, and while we use, abuse and cajole it into being more than a blog or CMS (gallery, FaceBook, Twitter, etc), the more it remains what it is. Poetry is code. Code is poetry.

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