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Another Exciting Perishable News Update

It’s been awhile since my last personal news post, and I figure that enough has been happening to warrant yet another exciting news update. Yay! ;)

So let’s see, first on my mind is the recent launch of the new design for Monzilla Media, the official site for my personal website and graphic design business. The first two versions of the site were single-page brochure sites, but this new version is fully loaded, featuring tons of portfolio content, business news, and service information. If you’ve got a minute, I would love to hear your feedback!

Speaking of new sites, another one of my recent projects,, is online and slowly growing in terms of both content and traffic. explores some of the more philosophical ideas that don’t seem to fit well here at Perishable Press. I love to write about perception, relativism, conspiracy, religion, politics, and all of that fun stuff. If any of that’s your cup of tea, I encourage you to drop in an check out my recent article on interpretive reconnaissance.

Also on the site front, there has been a lot of new activity with the Dead Letter Art collective. We have a new issue of DLa currently available on, and are giving away free issues of the promotional version of the issue (while supplies last). I am really proud of the new edition; it is 128 pages of pure, esoterically creative bliss, printed in full color and pefectly bound to make it all sweet. To further elaborate the event, I am posting a series of articles covering the entire process of creating the issue.

With all of this activity requiring every ounce of mental energy, I am planning two weeks of offline vacation time beginning on the 21st of this month. As announced a few weeks ago, I am in need of guest posts during those two weeks. At this time, there is still plenty of opportunity to share your work with the Perishable Press audience. I am accepting submissions until Wednesday the 20th, so if you have been thinking about expanding your sphere of influence, now is the time.

As part of my “get-the-hell-away-from-my-computer” vacation, I will be traveling to Portland to attend the 2008 PDX Zine Symposium (and share some issues of the new DLa!), spending some time in Spokane visiting my family, and probably doing some heavy chilling right here in the lush wasteland of the Desert Oasis. I do plan on twittering throughout most of the hiatus, so if you need to get ahold of me for some reason, hit Perishable on Twitter.

Finally, returning to Perishable Press for a moment, I have some great content lined up for the coming weeks, including a special guest post by Michael Roach on the potential downsides of social networking; an exclusive interview with’s Aaron Wall; fresh articles on WordPress, HTAccess, and PHP, and even a new Blacklist Candidate Article. Sound good? Grab the Perishable Press Feed and join the fun! ;)

That’s all for this exciting news update — we now return to our regularly scheduled programming..

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