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AddMySite Plugin for WordPress

[ AddMySite ] The AddMySite (AMS) plugin for WordPress makes it easy for your visitors to add your site and feed to all of their favorite social-bookmarking services. Share instantly with awesome sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter. With a few clicks, users can quickly bookmark or add your site to over 20 popular social bookmarking services. It’s like a dream come true for simple social-media sharing. Simple, fast, and easy :)

Update: Project Completion

It’s been a great run! With over 9,000 downloads and 15 plugin updates, the AddMySite project was educational, rewarding, and hopefully useful. But all earthly things must come to an end, so I will be discontinuing support and development of AddMySite as of March 3rd, 2018. The final version of the plugin will remain available for reference purposes.


  1. Upload plugin to plugins directory and activate.
  2. Visit Appearance > Widgets to enable and customize the AMS widget.
  3. Enjoy! ;)


Here are a couple of screenshots of AddMySite:


Note: this is the final version of the plugin. Updates and support are discontinued as of March 3rd, 2018.

Download AddMySiteVersion 20171019 final ( 4.51 KB ZIP )

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61 responses to “AddMySite Plugin for WordPress”

  1. New widgetized version (0.88) of AddMySite now available! Fully compatible with WordPress 2.3+ and completely widgetized. Grab a copy via the official download link in the article above and give ‘er a spin!

  2. JabberWocky 2007/12/19 8:58 pm

    I just installed the AMS widget to my site. LOVE IT. But I need to change the font color on the text so it isn’t black and is legible in my sidebar.

    Is there a quick and easy way to get the span tag around my text? Thanks in advance…

  3. JabberWocky,

    Glad you like the plugin :) To change the font color, you do not need to add any code, simply take advantage of the built-in CSS hook provided in the markup. To style the form in general, apply CSS to the #ams_dropmenu selector like so:

    #ams_dropmenu {
         border: thin solid white;
         margin: 1.5em 0em;
         color: white;

    Then, to apply styles (such as font color) to the option text, you would write something like this in your CSS file:

    #ams_dropmenu option {
         background-color: black;
         color: white;

    Etc. I hope that helps — let me know if you still need help with this.


  4. Perhaps there’s something missing from the code provided to implement in now?
    I have taken the liberty of sending you the zipped copy of AddMySite via email

  5. Okay, Annie — I will keep an eye out for your email! Note that I have not yet received it..

  6. Kyle James 2008/03/09 7:26 am

    Looks like a nice plugin. I’m definitely going to have to give it a shot on one of my sites. Thanks.

  7. Peterson Mark 2008/04/13 8:57 am

    Nice pluggin for wordpress. But I dontknow why one need to add one site to more than 40 bookmarking sites. in practive one user may be using one bookmarking site like or technorati etc. But there are some pluggins which posts each posts in all major social bookmarking sites. In what way this plugin differs from that pluggin. Bcause i dont want to install all the pluggins to my blog and try them. I may be wrong too.

  8. Yes, you are correct, there are many different plugins, services, and scripts from which to choose when it comes to bookmarking your site and posts at the various social services. To learn more about the functionality of the AddMySite plugin, read the post above and feel free to ask if you have any specific questions. I think it’s pretty straightforward — AMS presents either a drop-down menu or a list which users may use to add your site to their favorite social bookmarking services. I hope that helps! :)

  9. Forensics 2008/07/17 9:11 pm

    Hey, that’s a pretty neat plugin. I’ve never heard of it. Although, I couldn’t find your AMS link on your blog – did something happen to it? I think the neatest thing about the plugin is that you’ll be added to all these social sites, and some are bound to give you a boost in Goog rankings.

  10. Perishable 2008/07/20 7:14 am

    Thanks for the comment, Forensics. I have double-checked all relevant AMS links and they all seem to be in place and working properly.

  11. @Perishable: Thanks for the plugin. Is it still compatible with WP 2.5.1?

    If so, I will probably end up replacing AddToAny with this as I am not very satisfied with their plugin as it redirects all traffic to their site first… Please update the post with the latest confirmed compatibility.

  12. Aaron, yes I just tested AMS with WP 2.5.1 and it passed with flying colors. I have updated the post to reflect this information as well. Thanks for keeping an eye on things! ;)

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