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Accessibility Statement

In order to facilitate user operation, enhance usability, and increase accessibility overall, many beneficial features have been incorporated into this site’s design. Examples include:

  • Clean, easy-to-read typography
  • Accessible forms and elements
  • Consistent menus and links
  • Sufficiently contrasted colors
  • Universal fonts and typefaces
  • 100% resizable layout and content

Additionally, this site respects you and your time. For example, you won’t get bombarded with advertisements while visiting this site. The ads that you will see are carefully curated and presented with usability and performance in mind.

Tip: To resize site content on Mac, press Command key and either plus “+” or minus “-” at the same time. For Windows, press Control and either plus or minus. For more helps and tips, visit your browser’s documentation.

Always Free and Accessible

Perishable Press always will be 100% free and accessible. The site is self-contained and requires no additional/external software, plugins, or extensions in order to function properly. Given that you have access to the Internet via any relatively modern browser device, this site will deliver its content in a format that is usable by all humans (and all good robots). For example, neither CSS nor JavaScript is required to access site content. Our content is readable by any web browser, cloud service, proxy script, app protocol, OS terminal or DOS prompt.

Striving toward Universal Accessibility and Usability

While features like JavaScript, Flash, and media players enhance the user experience, they are not required to enjoy virtually all of our content (an exception would be content delivered in video format). Depending on the content, specific tools may be required to follow along. For example, JavaScript tutorials and demos require JavaScript. Likewise, in order to run PHP code snippets, you’ll need a server with PHP installed. And so forth. Beyond that, all of the written content is free and accessible to all users.

Assurance of Quality

To ensure usable site design and accessible user interface, qualitative testing is performed for several key factors, including usability, accessibility, privacy, browser compatibility, and standards compliance. We employ services such as WAVE to ensure complete usability and accessibility. We also employ valid, semantically correct HTML markup and CSS that validate against W3C standards. If ever you should find something that could be improved in any way, please feel free to let us know.

Perishable Press is developed and maintained according to the cornerstone principles of modern website design: progressive enhancement, unobtrusive scripting, backward compatibility, and a strict separation of content, structure, presentation, and behavior. Whether experiencing our accessibility features firsthand or examining our official Accessibility Statement, suffice it to say that Perishable Press strives to deliver clear, concise content via accessible, standards-compliant design that is free and available for everyone to use and enjoy.

Well-Structured, Valid Markup

Perishable Press employs well-structured, valid HTML markup throughout the site. Please feel free to validate any page on this site via the’s HTML validation tool. In general, valid markup ensures accessibility on virtually any HTML-enabled device, delivering site content accurately and consistently. Perishable Press also strives to maintain well-formed, validating CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript to enhance usability and design, however all content remains accessible without CSS and/or JavaScript functionality.

Meta Information

Perishable Press provides meta information for images, links, abbreviations, and acronyms. For images conveying semantic meaning, textual descriptions are provided via alt attributes. Images conveying no semantic information (e.g., background images, racing stripes, and other presentational graphics) will present an empty alt attribute. Similarly, links, acronyms, and abbreviations will provide explanatory descriptions via title attributes. Other types of metadata and attributes provided based on context, feature, and so forth.

404 Links

On the Web, pages come and go every day. Because of this, you may encounter hyperlinks that lead to “404 – Not Found” results. At Perishable Press, 404 links are updated/removed as quickly as they happen, but that is not always possible. If you encounter a broken link, please report it immediately so we can take action and get it fixed up. Also, if you encounter some text that looks like this, that means the text was linked to a resource that no longer is available. If you hover over the once-linked text, you will see that it says “404 link removed”. For additional details about the link, check the source code for any “data” attributes, like data-date, data-title, and data-url.

Questions and Feedback

If you have questions, concerns, feedback, advice, recommendations, or general comments, contact us anytime and we’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks for visiting Perishable Press :)

Perishable Press is operated by Jeff Starr, a professional web developer and book author with two decades of experience. Here you will find posts about web development, WordPress, security, and more »
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